Wild Country Zephyros 2 Review

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In recent times, the so-called ‘semi-geodesic’ dome design has been capturing the imagination of the whole tent industry. With the Wild Country Zephyros Two-Man Technical Tent from Terra Nova, we have exactly this design…but what does it offer? And does it make for a good investment?

Using one main alloy pole, this tent has plenty of headroom; something which is aided by the semi-geodesic design. Once you add the two black fiberglass poles, these are pegged down and the tension provides shape and stability against the weather. With a porch affixed, many users have enjoyed the available space and it makes it easier to store backpacks, boots, and any other equipment you don’t want sitting in the main tent.

Inside the main tent itself, it is smaller than some but it comes in at around 230cm x 100cm x 92cm. If you want a basic tent with no frills, there’s no reason why this one can’t work for you. To speed up the pitching process, the inner and flysheet are pitched together while the mesh fabric will allow for ventilation.

Key Features

We’ve spoken to plenty of hikers and campers who tell us that manufacturers don’t think of the user enough; they go for all-singing, all-dancing tents that require a forklift truck just to get from the field to the car (perhaps a slight exaggeration!). However, the Zephyros two-person tent is much lighter than most and this is a brilliant feature to have.

Does this impact its waterproofing capabilities? No, plenty of customers using this tent have already complimented the tent for how it stands up to wind and rain. With a 6,000mm hydrostatic head, there’s just no doubt about it; water isn’t getting inside. If you do happen to be sleeping in a particularly windy location, the alloy ‘V’ angle pegs should keep you secure.

Finally, we should also discuss the pitching because you don’t want to arrive at the location only to then be struggling for four hours just to get the tent up. With the inner and flysheet together, it’s an ‘all-in-one’ design and this has two main benefits; 1) it keeps the pitching process simple and 2) it means the inner shouldn’t get wet when attempting to pitch in the rain.


  • Compared to many others in the market, this design is simple and it’s easy to pitch.
  • Secondly, the porch is actually a really nice size for storage or just to extend the living space on a sunny day. You might have trouble cooking in the space, but it’s better than having no additional space at all.
  • If you read the reviews of customers, plenty will tell you that this tent wasn’t fazed by the rain. Even on stony ground, the groundsheet should be strong enough to avoid damage and this combination means you could camp nearly anywhere (and in all conditions!).


  • In truth, there are two main drawbacks for campers; the pegs and the small sleeping space. However, we appreciate that these two just won’t be a problem for many because of the tent’s more impressive features.


As part of the Laser Series from Terra Nova, the Zephyros two-man technical tent is ideal for the backpacker concerned about space and weight. Pitching is easy, the vestibule creates more storage space, and the semi-geodesic design lends itself to strength and stability.

If you’re considering a new tent, we highly recommend looking into this one…we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Wild Country by Terra Nova Zephyros 2 Person Tent (Green)
  • 3 season backpacking tent for one or two people
  • Weighs 3lbs 9oz, perfect for the weight and price conscious backpacker
  • Semi-geodesic dome design system that holds up to the elements
Wild Country Zephyros Two-Man Technical Tent
  • Review

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Wild Country Zephyros 2 Review

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