Vango Venture Tunnel Tent Review

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  • Tunnel Design
  • 3-man capacity
  • 70 denier polyester flysheet
  • Breathable inner polyester
  • Fastpack carry bag for easy transport

The Vango Venture is an affordable tunnel tent made from durable fabrics that protect campers and their supplies from the elements. Designed to sleep three people, the tent comes with great ventilation, a spacious sleeping area, and a fastpack carry bag for easier transportation to and from the campsite.

Vango Venture Tunnel Tent ReviewBeing a three-man tent, the Vango Venture can sleep three individuals in the sleeping area, although this isn’t always a good idea.

While possible to fit three, there is often a lack of space when using tents to their maximum capacity, as it is always recommended that you double the capacity of the tent to accommodate each person.

As a result, the Vango Venture probably isn’t best used when sleeping three adults – one or two people will find it much better to sleep in. That said, the three-person capacity offers plenty of space for two adults and a child, so any parents looking to take their kid camping will appreciate the space on offer.

For instance, there is enough space for a double air bed with room to spare, making it especially good for couples seeking a tent with a roomy bedroom. There are additional storage compartments inside of the main sleeping pod, as well as hooks for hanging lanterns to help set that perfect ambience.

Not only is there are large sleeping pod but also a spacious porch area at the front of the tent. This is a roomy area too, being perfect for storing lots of supplies or even doubling as your living area. Better still, the ground sheet in the porch is entirely removable, allowing for easy cleaning when not in use while prevent cold drafts getting in when connected.

When the weather permits it, sitting out in the porch with the doors open is a great use of the tent, and there are Vango Venture Tunneleven large windows that help flood the area with natural daylight. You can keep muddy boots here to help keep the sleeping pod clean and clear – a must for any camping trip!

To help protect you from the weather, the flysheet of the Vango Venture is designed to keep you safe and dry should the worst happen during your trip. Made from ProTex 70D 3,000mm HH Polyester, the flysheet is highly waterproof and very durable, so should be able to protect campers from anything nature can throw at it.

This is suitable enough to withstand moderate amounts of rainfall and windier conditions. Given how unpredictable the weather tends to be when out camping, this is a great feature and especially useful for those camping during colder seasons like autumn and winter.

Of course, it’s often very sunny and warm when camping, so it’s important that tent fabrics help to cool down the interior along with keeping the cold and wet out. Thankfully, the Vango Venture maintains a pleasant environment inside when the temperatures rise, with additional ventilation and a breathable inner polyester material ensuring optimal airflow in the tent.

This also helps to reduce condensation inside of the tent, which typically occurs during the colder mornings and may accidentally cause you to get wet. Condensation also makes the inside less comfortable, so the tent’s ventilation features are certainly welcome.

The sleeping pod features a mesh door that further improves ventilation, allowing improved airflow in for comfortable sleeping while keeping out those annoying bugs. It’s a good feature and one that really enhances the comfort when sleeping inside the Vango Venture.

Assembling a tent is often an issue, but the Vango Venture is reasonably quick and simple to get set up. In most cases, it should take about 15 minutes to get set-up, although you’ll be able to reduce this time with some practice.

The tent comes with Vango PwerFlex fibreglass poles, which are strong and durable while remaining flexible. Connecting them together is easy and provides the tent with rigid support that keeps the entire structure stable.

It handles rough winds without any issues, making it suitable for camping out during wilder conditions, espiecally when using the tent pegs that are included. There is even a carry bag included with the Vango Venture, which is helpful for packing and transporting the tent without it getting too cumbersome.

All in all, the Vango Venture is a fantastic tent for its price range. Very affordable, the tent is spacious enough to accommodate two people comfortably, while the fabric used ensures you start warm and dry. It would be high on our list of the best two man tents.

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