The Garden Gear Outdoor Event Dome Shelter Review

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This is a really exciting outdoor living space that offers some interesting and unique features that most gazebo style tents just don’t have. Firstly, it doesn’t come with a ground sheet, which is probably what separates it from the ‘tent’ category; but what it does have is built in UV protection that is specially designed to keep you safe from the sun.

This is the perfect tent for beach parties, for organised events and for a communal space at a festival where you and your friends can all hang out. Besides that, its sleek and reflective finish makes it look really futuristic and cool – and would transform any garden area into something otherworldly. This would make an excellent sheltered space in the garden if you have children playing in your property a lot throughout summer – its uses are endless!

This Dome shelter is fully waterproof, making it an ideal place to store any outdoor furniture safe from the elements. It has side panels which can be pinned up or left down, depending on the weather, your mood and where you are. This tent will protect you against the suns rays up to UV 30, so it is a great way to keep the kids out of the sun, keep the drunkards out of the sun or keep you grandmother out of the sun – again depending on where you are!

This is a huge shelter; giving you approximately 23.4 squared metres of space in which to sit, stand or play. It is exactly what you need if you are going camping with any large group of people, if you are barbecuing in uncertain weather or if you simply want a communal garden space to invite your friends over to enjoy. One of the best parts of the Garden Gear Shelter is that it comes with a full 12 month guarantee so if anything goes wrong you just take it back!

Garden Gear Outdoor Event Dome Shelter

This tent features:

• 13.4 squared feet of sheltered space outdoors.
• UV30+ protective fabric, specially designed to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety.
• A high roof.
• Fully waterproof.
• Complete versatility of use.
• A 12 month guarantee.
• Removable sun shade walls and fly screens.
• Weighs only 7.5 KG
• Includes all the necessary pegs, poles and a handy carry bag, for your convenience.

This is a really great product that is exactly what every festival goer should be investing in this year. It keeps you dry, allows you plenty of head room, covers plenty of space and comes with attachable walls – so when the festival warden tries to tell you to take it down because Gazebo’s aren’t allowed you can simply zip the sides back on and no more will be said…

The added UV protection and spacious head room is what makes this garden shelter so successful. The waterproofing is obviously important too, but we loved the fact that the kiddies were safe from the sun while they played in the paddling pool. When it comes to protecting the likes of rattan garden furniture Garden Gear gets an A plus for this product. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any serious camping venture.

Garden Gear Outdoor Event Dome Shelter Party Tent UV Protection with 4 Removable Mesh Walls,...
  • Large area: Our 12-foot dome event shelter offers approximately 13.4 metres...
  • Waterproof: Protect yourself and your outdoor furniture from the rain under...
  • UV protection: This event tent is made from UV30+ fabric meaning it will...
Garden Gear Dome Shelter
  • Review

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