Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent Review

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  • Eight-man camping tent
  • Large living space
  • 3-4 sleeping pods
  • 3 entrances offer great ventilation
  • Includes sun canopy, lantern hooks, and air vents

The Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent is well worth checking out for families or groups of friends looking for a large tent for their camping trip. This huge tent has an impressive eight-man capacity that makes it a fine choice for any larger groups heading out on a camping adventure.

Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent ReviewBetter still, it doesn’t just focus on giving ample sleeping room for each person, but also additional space for sitting and relaxing during your trip.

There are loads of other nice little touches that help to make the Skandika Montana an exceptional group camping tent, such as additional storage spots, a sun canopy, air vents, and sections for hanging lanterns – with the right camping supplies, this tent transform into a bone fide palace!

As an eight-man tent, the Skandika Montana offers enough sleeping space for up to eight people. However, most people that go camping want extra space for sleeping and storing their belongings, so the tent will offer lots of space when only sleeping four and can cater very well a 4 man tent with plenty of room.

However, because the sleeping areas are divided across three or four pods, it’s one of those tents where using it to full capacity shouldn’t be too cramped. That said, those looking for ample room in their sleeping pod probably won’t want to share unless they are a couple!

Three sleeping cabins are found on opposite ends of the tent between the central divider that doubles as a massive living area.

The large pod can be used as either a spacious single room or divided into two smaller pods using the mesh divider, Skandika Montana tentwhile there are a third and fourth pod found on the other side of the tent that have enough space for two.

The doors come with mesh lining and each pod is features an inner layer of breathable fabric that helps to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone sleeping in the pods. The mesh doors also help keep out insects at the same time, which is a nice bonus!

Any supplies can easily be stored in the large living area in the centre of the tent. With a height of 200cm, it offers plenty of standing room, even if you’re on the taller side, which is certainly a great feature for any tall campers that are sick of being hunched over!

Furthermore, there are three doors on each side of the living area at the centre of the Skandika Montana that can remain open or closed as needed. When left open, you get a delightful airflow throughout the tent that is perfect for those hot summers days, while there is also a large window panel that floors the area with natural light.

Of course, if the weather is nice enough you will likely be outside soaking it up!

However, if it gets too warm to sit in direct sunlight you can easily add a sun canopy to the entrance sections of the tent. This provides a great little cover from the sun, letting you cool down in the shade after a sunbathing or playing around with the kids.

That said, the weather is often your worst enemy when camping, but the Skandika Montana is designed to withstand wet and windy conditions that can ruin a camping trip. Built from quality materials, the tent comes with a 5,000mm water column that ensures it remains dry and water tight from light to moderate rain.

Skandika Montana

This is quite impressive for tents in this size range. For instance, most of the best family size tents with such large capacity only have a water column of 3,000mm, so the Skandika Montana certainly provides additional coverage from wet and windy conditions.

To further protect campers from the elements, the Skandika Montana features UV-resistance PU-coated polyester, waterproof sealed seams, and reinforced eyelets, helping to keep the tent in top condition whether rain or shine.

Better still, the fabric is completely fire retardant, which could come in handy should there be any accidents around the campfire. While not fireproof, the ability to stop the spreading of the fire is an invaluable safety feature that is often overlooked with tents.

Despite the size, the tent is easy enough to set up. It comes in a bag will in-depth assembly instructions, along with all the tools needed to get the tent standing in no time -it even comes with a repair kit should the tent get accidently damaged!

The Skandika Montana is a great tent for families or groups of friends going on a camping adventure. It offers plenty of space in both the sleeping pods and living room area, while a well-designed ventilation system results in a perfect ambience inside the tent.

Skandika Montana 8-10 Person/Man Family Group Tunnel Tent with Sun Canopy, 200 cm Peak Height, 5000...
  • Huge eight berth camping tent with three entrances and three sleeping rooms...
  • Large family camping tent with lots of functional extras, such as a hook...
  • Spacious eight mans tent with a comfortable peak height of 200 cm, plenty...

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