Preppers Survival Kit: 7 Pieces of Essential Survival Gear

News about people lost in the woods when they go hiking or camping is no longer strange. It takes days before a search or rescue team finds them. Sometimes, the help comes too late. Anyone can find themselves in this situation. Having certain pieces of essential survival gear can help you get quick help or boost your chances of survival even when help delays.

In this article, we are going to expound on 7 of the most vital survival gear and the best camping gadgets you should consider including in your survival kit. They are perhaps the most basic of the survival items. Also read about the Prepper’s ultimate survival gear checklist Click here. Their lack could tremendously reduce your chances of survival. Here they are:

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Apart from hypothermia, dehydration is perhaps the worst and the fastest killer in the wilderness. It is therefore vital that you prepare well for such eventuality by packing a stainless steel water bottle filled with clean drinking water.

Try as much as possible to avoid aluminum and plastic bottles. They may be capacious and lightweight but you cannot use them to boil water for disinfection should a need arise. Many brands of stainless steel water bottles exist. Make sure you make the right choice based on your needs. Keep in mind that you need to drink at least a gallon of water each day.

  • Emergency Whistle 

Setting out to a hike in the wilderness or to camp at a given site always carries the risk of getting lost. Having a reliably loud whistle will make searchers or rescuers to find you in time to save your life. The sound of a high-quality whistle can reach much further than your loudest shout.

Make a habit of hanging a compact and lightweight whistle (preferably made of plastic) around your neck in a similar manner to a necklace. This way, you can reach it as quickly as possible during an emergency and seek for help before things get worse.

  • Cutting Tool 

An emergency that throws you into the wilderness will make you do lots of cuttings. You may need to clear bushes to create passageway for you. Perhaps you need to build a shelter from materials available in nature. You will also need to dress game for food. A cutting tool will help you carry out all these tasks and many others with ease.

A reliable survival knife should be good enough. For example, a kukri knife is strong and sharp to let you cut even the toughest materials with ease. A fixed blade knife is generally better than folding knife when it comes to survival. Ensure you make the right choice to avoid the knife failure at a crucial point in your survival. 

  • Cordage or Rope 

Cordage or rope is one of the most essential survival gears due to its versatility. Among its many uses are building shelters, tying or fasting objects to your backpack or belt so they do not get lost and First Aid as sling for immobilizing fractured limb.

Paracord (parachute cord) is easily the cordage of choice because of its strength. It is also lightweight and thin in size (approximately the size of your shoelaces). Paracord is very easy to carry in the form of a belt or a paracord bracelet. A rope may also be useful if paracord is absent. It is bulky and not so strong.  

  • Emergency Food Rations 

It is possible to survive for weeks without food. During this time, your body will make use of its energy reserves in your muscles and liver. Once the reserves are depleted in a day or so, your body turns to itself to get the requisite energy. You begin to become weak and confused. As time progresses, you physical and mental performance will continue to dwindle.

Without eating, you will not be able to make rational decisions and have the physical performance to conduct survival tasks. You can avoid such problems by packing enough food to provide you with the calories you need each day for optimal mental and physical performance.

Pack high-energy emergency food ration bars. Back these up with items that can help you make food in the wilderness such as a small basic collapsible stove means for outdoor cooking. Also have a source of fuel (firewood) and fire starting items (such as water-proof matches and lighter).

  • First Aid Kit 

Injuries can occur at any time. In severe cases they can be debilitating. Basic First Aid skills and First Aid Kit can save your life or that of your associates. You can take two approaches. First approach is to find a compact kit as a start and plan to get a more comprehensive one with time.

The second approach is to gather individual components such as pain killers, bandages, gauze and dressings. This approach is great if you do not have enough money to afford a comprehensive kit with a single purchase. With time, you can have all the necessary First Aid Kit without spending too much money.

  • Emergency Blanket 

Spending in the cold can put you at huge risk of the deadly hypothermia. Any form of shelter can be helpful. However, a reformed sleeping bag-style sack is a great option. Besides being incredibly portable, an emergency blanked can keep you warm and protected from the elements.

A good example is the SOL Emergency Bivvy. Its edges are wind-proof and you will not get unwrapped in the middle of the night. It is also quite affordable. Emergency blankets are not very breathable. If you spend an entire night inside them, turn the bag inside out during the daytime so that it can dry.


This list of 7 pieces of essential survival gear is not as comprehensive. However, they offer a basic starting point and a springboard for you to further research. You can add other pieces if you believe the list does not address everything you need for basic survival. Regardless of this information, you should always strive to have in your survival kit items that can provide you with basic needs – water, food, shelter and safety.

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