MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent Review

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While brands like Vango take most of the attention when it comes to tents, there are some other brilliant tent manufacturers and it would be a shame to not show them enough attention. Today, we’re reviewing the Hubba Hubba NX Tent to see whether it meets your needs for any upcoming trips!

  • Two-person tent
  • Minimum weight of 1.5kg
  • Spacious
  • StayDry doors
  • Hub-and-pole system
  • Built-in vents and mesh

If you’re looking for a lightweight design that can be carried around with no lingering back ache for days afterwards, this is the tent you need. According to the manufacturers, the minimum weight for this tent is just 1.54kg and they’ve shown the industry that you can make a low weight tent without sacrificing important features.

Not only will the tent stand up to harsh weather, it also offers an abundance of space on the inside. Due to the weight, people often assume this is because the two people will be sleeping almost on top of each other. In our experience, this isn’t the case because the symmetrical floor and lack of slanted walls keep the interior far more open than other designs we’ve seen. To maximize the space even more, the two could sleep head to toe and you won’t be clashing shoulders all night.

Key Features

Of course, we’ve already mentioned the weight of this model and this is important for those who like to take regular trips or perhaps like to hike between nights. Though you will find lighter models on the market, you’re unlikely to find anything that’s this light while still providing superb features.

Another practical reason we like this model is because it packs and unpacks easier than most tents you’ll find. Rather than requiring a degree in tent packing just to get everything back into the bag, the Hubba Hubba is forgiving enough to pack everything away first time. With the compression straps, it’ll measure around 6” x 18”.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

How does it perform in the wind and rain? Well, the full coverage rainfly and freestanding pole design are great starting points. Rather than zipping from the centre, MSR have the tent zipping from the side and this is a small feature that goes a long way. With this, you’ll have a D-shaped opening while any water falling on top of the tent will reach the gutter system and drain away.


  • With the single-hubbed pole and its freestanding nature, we’ve found it easy enough for one person to pitch.
  • In the ultralight market, this is one of the best models when balancing weight, price, space, features, durability, and the ability to stay free from water.
  • With the rainfly and vestibule design, this allows for extra space while also allowing for more ventilation. On clear, hot nights, you could even roll back the rainfly, allow some cool air inside, and watch the stars.


  • Some are scared off by the 20D rainfly and 30D floor; however, this is actually stronger than most in the ultralight end of the market.
  • Although this is really clutching at straws, the tent only comes with six stakes and many campers like to use more with a light tent. Luckily, these are both cheap and easily attainable these days.


When we first heard about the weight of this MSR model, we were worried that all the features would be cut back and useless for most campers. Yet, we were soon surprised by the StayDry doors, colour-coded installation, rain gutters, two large side-entry vestibules (for storage too!), the stargazer rainfly, and impressive ventilation. It is certainly a lot roomier than other two man tents.

If you need a lightweight tent that can still offer some protection against the notorious UK weather, this could just be the answer!

Msr Hubba™ NX Solo Backpacking Tent
  • Ultra-lightweight one-person tent from MSR
  • 1 x large door with vestibule area
  • DuraShieldTM waterproof coating
MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent
  • Review

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