How to Make Your Camping Trip Tech-Free

As a society, we’re becoming more and more dependent on technological devices to entertain us. True that they can help us find our way using GPS and give us instant access to information we may need to research something, they also are responsible for us not being fully present anywhere we go.

When you take your kids camping, it’s so important to disconnect from technology and just enjoy each other and the natural surroundings about you. That doesn’t mean you need to leave your phone at home and get lost in the wild, but it does mean you should make your next trek with the family out into nature one that is tech-free. Not sure how? Keep reading!


Disable data and wi-fi access while camping

Keeping your phone with your for an emergency is a great idea. However, checking it every 5 minutes and shrieking about the disappearing signal and wonky loading from unreliable wi-fi connections sets a rather horrid example for the kids. Turn that data off so you stop feeling tempted to update the world on your social media outlets about your “amazing” camping trip. Go make it amazing and when you get back, enjoy updating everyone on your adventure then.


Leave laptops and tablets behind

There’s a reason for taking a phone along, however for tablets and laptops, they aren’t necessary. Are you really going to get ahead on work? Taking a break from all these mundane things in our lives is essential. Camping helps us to recharge and strengthen our family bond. Plus, start now to teach your children before it’s too late that they don’t need constant video-induced entertainment bleeping at them every second. Show your children how to entertain themselves out in the wild or if it keeps going on like this, they will be horribly disappointed adults.


Prepare for tech-free activities before you arrive

At home, children turn to technology to relieve their boredom. They may chat up friends, play games, or stream hours and hours of music. Getting them to shake up their routine by going camping device-free is something that they must experience so they can learn to appreciate the outdoors as well as use their minds instead of letting their minds be used. You can create tons of fun and interesting activities for your children that require no technological devices.


Some ideas to shake things up are to have a scavenger hunt where everyone in the family must find certain items like shells from the shore, a leaf from a particular tree, a rock, and so on. You can also pack kites or even take along your bicycles to ride along the trails. If you’re camping near water, plan some swimming activities. Some campsites even have kayaks for rent which make for a great and fun water adventure.


Do nothing at all

Part of the fun of camping is the no rush, no time, no plan stuff that comes with it. You don’t need some rigid itinerary or camping checklist that has everyone doing something every moment of the day. In fact, if you’re the sort of mum or dad that rushes your children from activity to activity at home, then you’re falling into the instant gratification and tech-fueled nightmares that already plague us. Just slow down. Enjoy the silence, the sounds of bugs buzzing by in the night air, the sweet smell of fresh air, and the stars up in the sky. It’s all of these things that when you take a moment to appreciate them, make life worthwhile.


Show your children that sometimes nothing is everything. That feeling of perception of one’s own self is a very beautiful thing. Uniting with nature helps us bring our own selves back from the edge of technology, something we need to escape in order to become more human once again.

Technology has ingrained itself into too many aspects of our lives. Cut the cord from it altogether when you’re out in the wild and you’ll be doing your children and yourself the biggest favour you could ever possibly imagine. Once your children see that life is possible without being glued to their devices, they will find that the world really is a more interesting place without a wi-fi signal.


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