How to Handle Wet Weather While Camping

Camping is such an enjoyable activity. To become one with nature and unwind in an environment that isn’t cacophonic is a true blessing. But sometimes during camping trips, despite our best plans, weather can turn on us. Knowing how to handle that weather when it turns wet, rainy, and downright unpleasant is the key to making the best of it. It makes all the difference in enjoying the peace from the rain or being drenched and miserable.


Bring water repellent spray

Old camping equipment is more prone to getting drenched because it’s worn. But with a little water repellent spray, you can make any item waterproof. There are many brands out there. Simply find one that is silicone-based. You can use it on tents and tarps. Spray it beforehand and be sure to take it along just in case.


Dry out drenched items

Even on camping trips where good weather has been predominant, there is always the opportunity for a little rain. Even if it’s just a quick and sudden downpour, you’ll find yourself soaked to the bone. You’ll need to dry out your clothing and gear. That’s easy to do unless it keeps raining. Still, if the rain keeps coming, stuffing your clothes in a bag won’t do any good and will only lead to foul smells and mould. Instead hang them from a tree or if you have a tent heater place them near but not too close to it.. Footwear soaked through? One smart camping hack is to bring new sponges along. Should your boots or trainers become as water-logged as a lake, you can stick the sponges inside them overnight to absorb the moisture.


Watch out for lightning

Any time there is rain, there’s a big chance that lightning will accompany it. That’s why you should never set your tent up under the tallest tree or a lone tree in a field. Stay away from metal fences and hilltops too. At the first sound of thunder, it’s best that you find a safe place to be as soon as humanly possible. If you’re thinking your tent, think again. Camping on a campground that has solid building facilities is a smart bet for keeping safe during an electrical storm. 


Location is everything

Just like in real estate, location is everything in camping. If the weather forecast predicts rain, then choose a campsite that is close to shelter. Don’t choose anything that is too marshy or near areas that are prone to flooding. Having a gps for walking with you at all times especially in poor weather is advisable. Id your pitch is remote with poor light consider buying a camping lantern to help you see better when it gets dark.


Over-pack the socks

When camping, there is no such thing as too many socks. Wet socks can cause too many problems while walking. They can cause your feet to get rubbed the wrong way and soon, you’ll find yourself with painful blisters that prevent you from walking. Plus, they can make your feet cold. Socks take up little space in your bag and will be a huge lifesaver when you need a dry pair.


Make sure you have ways to start a fire

Wet weather can really put a damper on your fire starting skills. Make sure you prepare for the worst case scenario. Wet wood is a bummer, but if you have firelighters, lightening spray, or waterproof matches, you can combat the problem of wet wood.


Bring a backup tarp

Tarps are lightweight and affordable. Spray it with water repellent spray for an extra surefire way to stay dry in the rain. Pack it inside the best waterproof backpack you can afford as it will be money well spent.


Wear waterproof apparel

Waterproof camping apparel is a smart way to go camping. The materials they are made from dry rapidly. A good pair of waterproof trousers and jacket, for example, is a great way to keep dry when you see the skies turning unpleasant. Staying dry is very important for camping in wet weather. If not, your undergarments will get wet and cause you great discomfort. Plus, if it’s chilly out, you run the risk of getting sick or developing hypothermia.


When life gives you rain, make drinking water

Use the rain to your advantage. Collect it to use for drinking water or to cook with. You can also use it to wash off your utensils. Make the most of that rain!

When camping, it’s best to be prepared for anything. By making sure you have what you need should you encounter wet weather, you’ll be better able to enjoy your camping trip. Sit under your waterproof tarp and watch the rain fall while you play cards together, or sit and quietly read. And nothing beats a nap with the melodic sounds of rain thrumming all around you.

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