The Best Wearable Sleeping Bag Reviews

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Wearable sleeping bags are an interesting concept. As the name suggests, it’s a sleeping bag that is worn like an item of clothing, meaning you can easily walk around in the comfort of a sleeping bag when out camping – or for lazing around the house!

Think of it as a sleeping bag combined with a onesie and coat. You wear the entire sleeping bag, which has sections for your arms and legs to allow you to move freely, so you can remain warm and dry whether outdoors or indoors.

It can be easily packed away when you don’t use it like any other sleeping bag, but should you want to continue wearing your sleeping bag you easily can. In fact, it looks very much the same as a sleeping bag, just with the spots for your arms and legs to fit into!

These are incredibly fun products that are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, they are also great people that don’t go camping often or at all. Wearable sleeping bags work just as well at home as they do outside, but they certainly make a fine addition for any festival-goers, hiking trips, camping adventures, or even has a hilarious gift for a friend.

Sleeping Bag Suits with Arms and Legs

OUTERDO Envelope Portable Sleeping Bag

OUTERDO Envelope Portable wearable Sleeping Bag
  • Covers body and legs
  • Two sleeping bags can be combined
  • Wind and waterproof nylon exterior with soft cotton filling
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

This colourful wearable sleeping bag from OUTDERO is a great choice for first time buyers, offering a comfortable yet durable garment. Available in blue or orange, it can be used as either a wearable or standard sleeping bag, with the option to slip the base of the bag to produce separate sections for your legs.

In doing so, you can easily walk around while continuing to wear the sleeping bag, which you can expect to do because it is seriously comfortable! The thick cotton filling offers a nice soft texture when sleeping on the ground, which is further enhanced by the pongee lining inside.  

The exterior of the sleeping bag is a water resistant and windproof nylon, so wearing the bag is fine even in adverse weather conditions. There aren’t any sleeve sections for your arms however, with just zips that can be opened to free your arms, so be sure to bring some long sleeves for underneath!

It is recommended that you don’t wear it outside in conditions below 5C, as this would be too cold for proper insulation. Still, on those occasions you do wear it outside, there is plenty of freedom to move around, while the lightweight design makes it comfortable enough to manoeuvre in.

A great choice for indoor use too!

Andes Walker XL Camping Festival Wearable Sleeping Bag Jacket

  • Perfect for festivals and camping
  • Worn like a jacket
  • Drawstring hood and base
Andes Walker XL Camping Festival Wearable Sleeping Bag Jacket

For festival goers that want to remain comfortable the entire time, this fantastic wearable sleeping bag jacket from Andes Walker is worth checking out. It’s designed to be worn like a jacket rather than a onesie, so there isn’t a trouser section like with other wearable sleeping bags.

Instead, the sleeping bag can be opened and closed at the bottom using a drawstring. Some people might prefer this mind you, as your legs aren’t’ confined to separate sections but it still covers the entire lower half of your body.

There is also a drawstring hood to help keep your head dry, while three separate pockets are available for storing any valuables should you need it. As a warm and comfortable jacket, you can expect to wear outside at every opportunity - especially at a festival or camping!

Of course, it’s perfectly suitable for use indoors as well! In fact, it might be better suited for indoor use than most other wearable sleeping bags, as it’s less restrictive to wear so you can easily cool down by opening the sleeves or base.

Plus, it’s available for a very reasonable price, making it a fine choice for a fun gift.

SelkBag Lite 5G

  • Includes sections for arms and legs
  • Removable boots also included
  • Very soft and well insulated
SelkBag Lite 5G wearable sleeping bag

The Selkbag Lite 5G is a more outdoor-friendly wearable sleeping bag, namely thanks to its fantastic insulation and soft lining, but it is certainly a great choice for indoor use as well.

For one, it comes with sections for both your arms and legs, so it covers your entire body when worn to help keep you even warmer and comfortable. Not all wearable sleeping bags come with arms and legs, and this feature really helps when trying to sleep.

The reason for this is because turning is quite difficult in most sleeping bags. It can easily get restrictive, which is problematic for light sleepers that toss and turn throughout the night. Therefore, the Selkbag Lite 5G is one of the best wearable sleeping bags for a good night’s rest – even if your sleeping indoors!

As you’ve more freedom to move around, this also makes the Selkbag perfect for wearing outside. There is even removeable boot sections to allow you to wear footwear while using the sleeping bag, so it is a fantastic choice for outdoor use when camping, hiking, etc.

Similarly, there enhanced openings on the arms, allowing the front section to be pulled over your hands should you feel the chill. To top things off, there is soft and cosy hood to keep your head nice and warm too!

For a wearable sleeping bag that offers next level comfort and warmth, the Selkbag Lite 5G is one of the best options available.

SelkBag Original 5G

  • Sections for arms and legs
  • Kangaroo pouch for storing belongings 
  • Removable boots
SelkBag Original 5G wearable sleeping bag

The Selkbag Original 5G is perhaps the most premium wearable sleeping bag on the market. Featuring high-quality materials, removable boots, ventilation zips, and a large pouch for storing person items, there is so much to like about the Selkbag Original 5G.

Comfort is one of the biggest selling points for this sleeping bag, as it has everything you need to keep warm and cosy. For instance, the ripstop nylon fabric on the exterior is soft to touch, but inside things are even softer!

There is the perfect amount of filling, with the hollow-fibre polyester used inside of the bag providing a nice and firm texture that is ridiculously comfortable. It also features a spacious hood with a 3D collar, so you can keep your head perfectly warm and comfortable as needed.

Both the arms and legs sections can be closed off to retain heat, with removable boots at the base and fold over openings for the arms included. This allows you to get the right balance of temperature in various conditions, as does the ventilation zips found on the leg section.

Therefore, the Selkbag Original 5G is one of the best outdoor werable sleeping bags available. It’s robust yet comfortable, and the inclusion of arms and legs makes it so easy to manoeuvre when on the go.

Of course, it can certainly be used from the comfort of home, put you will really get to see how good the sleeping bag is when used outside. Whether it’s camping, stargazing, hiking or any other outside activity, the Selkbag Original 5G will keep you warm, dry, and cosy.

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