Best Waterproof Rucksack for Hiking

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A good rucksack is a must for hiking. There are countless items you’ll want to bring along during your hiking adventure, including food, water, and possibly a tent, sleeping bag, and other camping essentials if you’re on a long trip. You need enough space for all these items you bring along on your hike but also enough support and weight distribution so it doesn’t cause fatigue or aches.

But perhaps the most important part of a hiking rucksack isn’t just it’s capacity, weight distribution, or handy accessories - it’s water resistance.

Anyone that hikes around the UK - and most other countries - knows this all too well. The last thing anyone hiking wants is to be soaked through by the rain, but the sad truth is that it’s an all too common occurrence, so being prepared for this is essential.

Rain, sleet, and snow all soak through a rucksack unless it is waterproof, which is why it’s always recommended that you invest in a waterproof rucksack for hiking.

Plus, it’s not just the weather that can soak your rucksack and supplies, as hiking often forces you to navigate nearby water sources like lakes, rivers, and streams, all of which can ruin your supplies should your rucksack be accidently dropped, so it certainly helps to be prepared for all possible outcomes. 

The good news is there are many waterproof rucksacks that are perfect for hiking and various other outdoor activities. They come with all the essentials you need for hiking and other outdoor activities, with lots of space, padding and support, and highly durable and water-resistant materials.

Better still, a waterproof rucksack bought for hiking can be used for other things, such as travelling to work - what better way to protect a laptop from getting soaked by rain than with a water proof rucksack?

Check out some of the best waterproof rucksacks for hiking below!

Overboard Premium Waterproof Backpack Rucksack

Overboard are a well-known manufacturer of outdoor rucksack supplies, with their premium waterproof rucksack offering everything you need from an outdoor backpack.

Available with 20L or 40L capacities, both options offer ample carrying space for all your supplies. The 20L option is great for day trips with a lot of hiking, while the 40L options is a good choice for those longer excursions where you’re taking a tent and other camping supplies.

With a class 3 waterproof rating the rucksack will struggle to get wet, even in the worst weather conditions. This is due to the durable PVC tarpaulin material that features HF welded seams, with the unique high frequency welded seams keeping out all moisture. 

In fact, it’s so waterproof that the backpack can handle being quickly submerged in water - although it’s best not to test this too much!

Still, the rating is more than strong enough to handle consistent rainfall during a hike, keeping all your supplies nice and dry even when you’re soaked to the bone. The rating also means that the rucksack floats on water due to the tightness of the waterproof materials, so if you happen to drop into a body of water it will not sink.

There is plenty of storage space available regardless of the capacity you choose. This includes two outer elasticated side pockets and an internal zip pocket, along with the main storage space.

In terms of the support, the rucksack features a comfortable padded back panel, padded shoulder straps with reflective patches, and adjustable sternum and waist belt with lumbar support. The padded sections ensure a lack of strain with a heavy load in the backpack, while the straps offer even weight distribution and support.

A few nice touches finish of this great waterproof rucksack from Overboard, including air-flow on the back panel to keep you comfortable, a highly reflective front panel that keeps you visible, and a handy two water closure system at the top or side.

Loowoko Hiking Backpack

If you’re looking for a reliable waterproof rucksack for hiking that has a massive capacity then be sure to check out the Loowoko Hiking Backpack. With a huge 50L capacity the rucksack is suitable for longer outdoor hiking trips that involved camping or when you’re carrying supplies for several people.

The rucksack is impressively durable, being not just water resistant but resistant to tear and wear. This is due to the high-quality nylon material the rucksack is made from, which does a good job keeping out water and moisture. 

However, heavier rainfall and submersion can still break through the material, but a fully waterproof cover is included with the rucksack should torrential downpour appear. This simply slips over the entire backpack to further increase water-resistance, so it’s a welcome addition that will make a big difference during those unexpected heavy rains.

With such a large capacity it’s important that there measures to help ease strains with a full back, which the rucksack certainly offers with its ergonomic design. This includes widened straps with thick padding that help to relieve pressure on the shoulders, padded waist straps, and a breathable mesh padding at the back offers additional support and comfort while keeping you dry.

There is a variety of storage options too that really enhance the rucksacks usability. For instance, there’s a large top loading compartment with a gusseted girdle closer, large front pockets, several front and side pockets, a few elastic storage sections, and divider in the main storage compartment.

Not only that, the Loowoko backpack also features an interior bladder compartment that provides direct access to water. This is very useful for staying hydrated throughout your hiking excursion, which is important even when its raining.

All in all, this is a great waterproof rucksack suitable for hiking and many other outdoor adventures!

Mountaineering Ergonomic Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Backpack

This mountaineering ergonomic waterproof outdoor hiking backpack is the complete package. Offering lots of storage space, great support and breathability, and a hold of other useful features for an affordable price, you’ll struggle to find a waterproof rucksack offering better value for money than this.

A 50L storage capacity gives more than enough space for even the largest of hiking supplies. There is a multitude of storage options across the rucksack, including zippered side pockets, elastic bands, an adjustable top cover, and hat room design.

This offers plenty of storage options for various hiking supplies, with enough space to carry supplies for two people or all your camping gear like tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat etc.

There are a few measures in place that make the rucksack waterproof. First, the nylon material is waterproof and anti-tear, making is very durable, while there is also an additional rain cover that can be used when the rain is especially heavy. The cover quickly slips over the entire rucksack and is also highly water resistant, so you’ll never need to worry about moisture or water getting into your kit.

Of course, nobody wants a large rucksack for hiking that is uncomfortable to wear, but this rucksack has lots of features in place to help relieve the pressure of carrying a large kit.

This includes a variety of adjustable straps across the chest and waist section of the rucksack, helping distribute weight to prevent fatigue, as well as thick meshed padded straps and lumbar support.

The mesh back panel is also thickly padded and is covered with a breathable resin net to help make the backpack breathable. You’ll stay completely dry from both the rain and your own sweat, while the weight is well distributed to help reduce the back burden and avoid any aches and pains developing during your hike.

TOMSHOO 20L Waterproof Backpack

If you are looking for a smaller sized waterproof rucksack for hiking then this product from TOMSHOO is worth checking out. The 20L capacity is more than enough for a single person’s hiking kit, with the rucksack providing a range of useful storage options that mean you can carry lots of supplies without any issues.

The rucksack is broken into several storage compartments for organised storage. The large main section is spacious enough to hold the bulk of the supplies while a range of external pockets help distribute smaller items around.

This includes smaller pockets at the sides, on the hip belt, compression straps for bottles, and attachable mesh helmet net that connects to the backpack. There is also a detachable strap found on the shoulder that can store your mobile phone, keeping it safe, secure, and dry during your hike.

Made from a durable nylon cloth material, the rucksack is both tear and water resistant, while remaining lightweight and breathable for comfortable use. There is also a rain cover included that stores at the bottom of the backpack, which can be pulled out and thrown over the backpack when the rain is especially bad.

Several straps are found across the backpack to help provide suitable support and weight distribution. This includes a belt and chest strap along with the padded shoulder straps. Everything can be adjusted to suite your needs, while the mesh materials ensure the rucksack remains breathable when worn for long periods.

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Best Waterproof Rucksack for Hiking
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