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Whether it’s you and a friend, you and a partner, or you and your child, two-man tents come in handy when camping but there are numerous brands and models available these days. Even as we spend most of our days in the industry ourselves, we still find it tough to separate the poor from the good…from the very good. However, there are some that excel due to high-quality design and construction as well as the brand names that automatically gain our attention.

Today, we’re going to discuss five of the best two-man tents on the market currently. All available on Amazon and well-known retailers, they’re models that have attracted attention from consumers, experts, and ourselves while testing products and researching for this guide. Without further ado, let’s head into the first option!

Coleman Drake FastPitch Tent 

Coleman Drake FastPitch Tent

Coleman Drake FastPitch Tent

First up, we have a tent from Coleman and one that has fantastic reviews from previous customers which is always a good sign. Available in lime green and blue, let’s take a look at some of the other main features;

Fast Installation - According to the manufacturers, and confirmed by the users, this tent can be pitched within one minute which puts to bed all the negative comments regarding the inefficiencies of tents these days.

Simple Design - Why does it go up so fast? In truth, there are many design elements which contribute to this but the pre-attached poles and hub are perhaps the most important. After learning how to do it once, you’ll have this knowledge forever more which means you won’t need complex instruction manuals as you do with some models (even after installing it several times!).

Spring/Summer Design - As you may know, tents are normally given a rating based on what seasons they suit and the Coleman Drake FastPitch Tent is classified as ‘Spring/Summer’. Although not designed for the colder months, all your camping trips earlier in the year will be supported with plenty of space inside.

Healthy Size - Standing over one metre tall and two metres wide, you might not be able to stand up inside but it does everything it’s supposed to do; keep you protected while camping and retain some heat through the night.

Overall, this Coleman tent will work for couples, friends, and other two-person trips despite not being designed for winter; the easy pitching makes it ideal for beginners who have simplicity as their main focus.

Regatta Kivu Dome Tent

Regatta Kivu Dome 2 man Tent

Next, we have a design from the well-known camping brand Regatta. Over the years, they’ve come to be known for everything outdoors-related including rucksacks, clothing, footwear, and camping equipment from steel peg extractors to full-sized tents.

Choice of Designs - For those who like to focus on the aesthetics of a tent, you can choose between Oxford Blue, Red Pepper, and Extreme Green. If you’re buying one for you and your partner and another for two friends (or children), the different colours allow you to tell the two apart with ease.

Fibreglass Poles - When it comes to tents, strength is an important feature and we can say with confidence that this Regatta model is strong and this is because it boasts fibreglass poles. Talking of which, these poles are actually colour-coded which makes installation simple.

Beginner Design - According to Regatta themselves, this tent is one for the beginners because it gets the basics right and we find it hard to disagree. With the spacious waterproof area as an addition, you can keep your muddy boots away from the rain but without having them next to you as you sleep and this is a fantastic idea. Using a Waterproof Hydrafort 70D flysheet, you’ll be good to go.

Experienced Design - If you’re experienced in the field of camping, the tent can be pitched without the flysheet if you don't feel it’s going to be necessary. With this sort of flexibility, it makes for a solid option for those of varying levels of experience.

With a trusted brand and positive customer reviews once more, this is certainly a great tent as long as it meets your needs for the next camping trip. If anything happens to go wrong with the tent, you have the might of Regatta behind you which is always a good thing.

Overmont Two-Person Camping Tent

Overmont Two-Person Camping Tent

If you’re looking for a vibrant and compact two-person tent this year, look no further than this hiking/backpacking/camping tent from Overmont. First and foremost, you’ll notice the different colours and this is likely to grab your attention as it did with us. Whether you want orange, purple, light blue, green, or others, you can really stand out at the site on the next trip.

Brilliant Protection - With 190T waterproof material and a PU 3,000mm water-resistant coating, you can be confident you’ll stay dry regardless of what the weather is saying outside. If you like to go to festivals, where the weather is typically bad, this should be a durable option to choose as well as working well for camping trips.

Protection (Part 2) - Often, when the word ‘protection’ is used we think about the rain and the protection from getting wet. However, this tent has two forms of protection because the material has been treated to block UV rays which means you’ll also remain protected from the sun.

Breathable Material - Despite reflecting the UV rays and rain, the material is breathable which means you shouldn't have any issues with breathability. Even with stuffy days outside, the air inside your tent should recycle as normal and the tent doesn’t have to become a sauna.

Basics - With some tents, they work so hard on adding extras that they forget the basics but this should never be the case with Overmont. Instead, the vent-window design makes the whole design easy to use, the zips have access both inside and outside, the material is antibacterial and flame retardant, and, as we’ve mentioned, you won’t have rain droplets falling on your head overnight.

Simple yet effective, this two-person tent has superb reviews everywhere you look; in fact, it has an average of 4.8 stars from a possible 5 on Amazon and you could join the happy customer base!

MSR Elixir 2 Tent

MSR Elixir 2 man tent

Although at the higher end of the market (or at least from the products we have here today), MSR offers this 2017 model with numerous benefits and a real chance to enjoy your camping trip, festival, or hike without worrying about concerns you have with basic and cheaper models.

Lightweight - Perfect for two people, this tent is surprisingly lightweight as well as being easy to assemble. As a freestanding unit, the surprises continue because you’ll receive two doors, two storage vestibules, and a comfortable space for two people.

Perfect Balance - According to MSR, they wanted to find the balance between breathable mesh fabric and solid canopy fabric and they seem to have created this balance well. With this in mind, the material is breathable but will still provide the warmth and security you need in the colder months. Often, tent manufacturers struggle with this balance so MSR deserve some praise for this.

Sturdy - When camping or sleeping outdoors for any reason, you need to think about the weather conditions. In the UK, the only real concern we have is excessive wind and rain but this tent makes for a solid choice because the pegs are made of steel. With high-quality zippers added to this combination too, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of the tent.

Designed as a white and red model, the red is only on the accents so it doesn’t overpower the look but it has a smart and professional appearance to it. If you want to use a tent for numerous different occasions, this could be the one since it would fit in wherever you take it.

Coleman Tatra 2

Coleman Tatra 2 men tent

As Coleman makes their second appearance in today’s list, you can probably tell they’re one of the most well-known and trustworthy brands in the market. This time, we have the Tatra 2 which can be pitched in under ten minutes and it weighs just over 3.3kg for travel. When packed, it measures at 39x15cm so can be transported easily and it sleeps two with ease.

Simple and Effective - With pitching taking just ten minutes and the pack size being relatively small, this tent does exactly what it’s supposed to do as well as excelling in other areas. Whether you’re buying your very first tent or you’re upgrading, the Tatra could be a good choice.

Weather Protection - When it comes to protection from the elements, you aren't going to find to many tents that offer as much as the Tatra 2. With high-quality materials combining with the semi geodesic structure, you don’t have to worry about the weather for as long as you have the tent by your side. If sudden rain comes, the ‘up-in-one’ pitching ensures you can be under cover within minutes.

Space - With the semi geodesic structure, this does more than provide protection because it also allows for more space inside compared to more traditional models. Not only do you have the room to sleep, you also have the front porch area as well as space to store any gear you don’t want in the body of the tent.

Big Brand Name - Finally, we also like the fact this tent comes from one of the biggest names in the industry. Sometimes, when things go wrong, we can’t get in touch with the manufacturer or they aren't willing to help. With Coleman, we know they have an excellent customer service team who will be willing to help whenever you need it.


Without saying anything, we can guess your next question; ‘which is best?’. For the most part, they all offer their own benefits so we can’t actually provide an appropriate answer. Instead, you need to think about your budget as well as your needs. If you’ll need an outdoor covered area for equipment, make sure you buy a model with this attached. If you need one of the more basic designs with no covered outside area, you don’t need to pay extra for it.

Hopefully, we’ve shown you the features that exist nowadays and you can use this information to take your search to the next level (even if you choose a tent that isn't on this list!). Don’t forget to consider the time of you go camping too because you don’t want to buy a tent for autumn and winter only to find the fabric doesn’t provide enough shelter from the rain!

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