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Coleman Hudson 450 Sleeping Bag
When camping is on your mind, the first name you may think of is Coleman. Coleman is a company that has been making camping more comfortable for everyone since 1900. During that vast amount of time they have amassed a huge following for their commitment to quality and truly remarkable camping gear. The Coleman Hudson 450 Sleeping bag is continuing the rich tradition of excellence that comes directly from Coleman camping gear.

Designed for almost any type off weather, the Colman Hudson 450 Sleeping bag is perfect for two people to comfortably sleep beside one another with space to spare. There is also a convenient pocket to secure your pillow so your sweetheart does not inadvertently steal it during the night. This double sleeping bag has a soft polyester shell and insulated to keep out the cold. It is also quite light compared to many other double sleeping bags that can often weigh down your pack during a long journey. You cannot go wrong with the Coleman Hudson 450 Sleeping Bag.

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Redstone XL Double Sleeping Bag
Double sleeping bags are the perfect solution when camping with your significant other. They allow you to have the space you desire without having that barrier between the two of you that is there in traditional single sleeping bags. Camping trips just seem a bit more fun when you can get close to the one you love and stay warm the entire time. The Redstone XL Double Sleeping Bag is perfect for all types of camping trips.

This remarkable double sleeping bag is sure to keep you and your love completely comfortable throughout the night and if trouble in paradise decides to rear its ugly head, you can unzip the sleeping bags from one another making them into 2 single sleeping bags until the two of you make up. The Redstone XL Double Sleeping bag is also ideal for families with small children who may be apprehensive about sleeping in their own bag. The XL design gives you just enough space should your little one want to snuggle in with mom and dad throughout the night without anyone feeling cramped at all. The Redstone XL Double Sleeping Bag is perfect for all types of camping and comes with its very own lightweight carry bag for your convenience.

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Nordik Luxury Double Sleeping Bag

There are times when just the average sleeping bag is find for a simple campout, but if you are the type of people that loves to have that luxury feeling with everything that they do, then you are going to want the Nordik Luxury Double Sleeping Bag for all of your campouts. It may not be convenient to take the Nordik Luxury Double Sleeping Bag with you on a complete backpacking excursion as it is relatively heavy compared to other double sleeping bags on the market, but what it lacks in portability, it more than makes up for in that unmatched luxury feel.

The luxury elements begin with the heavy duty zippers that are designed not to snag like many other zippers that can be found in sleeping bags and the 100% polyester hollow fiber filling along with the cotton lining will have you sleeping like a comfortable baby the whole night through. Two adults are easily able to sleep within the bag and should nature call in the middle of the night, there are zippers on both sides of the bag so you do not have to uncover your partner to get out of the bag. The Nordic Luxury Double Sleeping bag makes camping a more luxurious affair than ever before.

Camping alone is fine if you are the loner type, but family is what makes the world a happier place. When it is time to get the family out of their standard routine the right equipment makes all the difference. People can generally have a good time anywhere as long as they can manage to get a good night sleep and these sleeping bags will ensure that all within your camping group will sleep just as comfortably as if they were in their own beds.

300GSM Professional Sleeping Bag

300GSM Professional Mummy Sleeping bag review
A great example of a three to four season sleeping bag, the 300GSM Professional is a mummy design that offers excellent comfort and performance. As the name suggests the filling is 300GSM which gives this bag an extreme cold rating of -10 degrees. For normal use the bag is suggested for temperatures of 10 to 0 degrees.

A traditional tapered mummy design means this bag has a rounded foot end, and the drawstring hood means you can disappear completely leaving just your nose out for air! The hood is a good roomy design, so on warmer nights it doesn't get in the way, and on particularly cool nights has the advantage of space for a small pillow in with you to add to the comfort and insulation factor. The length is also great for the taller camper, even those well over 6 foot tall report plenty of foot room and comfort.

Packing away the 300GSM Mummy sleeping bag is really easy and it compacts into the compression sack to create a very small, neat, lightweight package. This gives it added versatility as it can be stowed discreetly in car boots, and come into its own should you ever breakdown in the cold. The carry bag is also waterproof making it the perfect travel companion.

It features a double zip system, and has a windproof lining to assist with resisting the cold. Internally there is a storage pocked that makes a great place to keep mobile phones and keys securely. Overall this is a great mid temperature range sleeping back that packs neatly into a waterproof bag, making it perfect for travel.

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Highlander Echo 350 Sleeping Bag

The Highlander Echo 350 sleeping bag is an excellent choice for colder climates. The QXF3D spiral hollow fibre filling offers cracking protection against the elements even down to the extreme cold rating of -21 degrees. For general use the temperature ratings fall at 11 to -4 degrees, which is perfectly adequate for most, and is rated suitable for 3 to 4 season use.

Internally the sleeping bag features a microfibre lining, making it really comfortable, the outer layer is made of rip-stop polyester making it durable. It is a mummy shape that has a box foot design, with offers better foot space than those that taper off. The two way zip is anti snag so eliminates frustrating incidents of material stuck in the mechanism. In order to offer full protection against the elements should the need arise, the Highlander Echo 350 boasts a cowl hood design with a 3D neck baffle creating a solid barrier from the cold.

The Highlander Echo comes in a two tone charcoal and castle grey colour, giving it a practical look. The length is good, even for those over 6 foot there is plenty of space to have the neck cowl done up and still stretch out the feet comfortably. Packing wise this is a larger bag, it does have a compression sack but it is still a heavier range bag. Internally there is a useful pocket for storing bits securely. Overall this sleeping bag offers excellent performance against the cold but could be slightly bulky to carry.

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Sleeping Bag Buyer’s Guide

It’s easy to assume that every sleeping bag is the same, only to actually feel the ramifications when it’s too late. This may not be a big deal if you’re attending a festival, but if you’re further afield in the great outdoors, then it can be wise to invest in the right kind of sleeping bag.

Everyone will have their own particular preferences, but the following pointers should ensure you know what factors there are to consider when trying to decide on what kind of sleeping bag you should invest in, and whether you should settle for one, or a number of different ones.

Cost Should be a Factor, But Not the Deciding Factor

Everyone has a budget to keep to, so it makes perfect sense to try and find a sleeping bag that is cost-effective. However, concentrating on price alone means you could be eliminating other important factors. As such, you should look at all sleeping bags within your budget and consider what each offers. You may even find it necessary to invest a little more, but see it as more of an investment, as a good quality sleeping bag will serve you in years to come as long as it is looked after.

Before making a purchase, ensure you highlight what kind of features you’re looking for, and you can ensure these are present for the price you’re paying. If they do not have the options required, you could find that you end up spending even more money ensuring you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Consider The Weight of the Sleeping Bag

If you’re new to the world of backpacking, then it would be easy to assume that you should always go for the warmest sleeping bag. While some locations call for a heavy sleeping bag, it also means that you’ll be carrying more weight as a result. As such, you should factor in where the sleeping bag will be used, and consider whether a lighter sleeping bag would be more beneficial.

Similarly, a lighter sleeping bag can make travelling much easier, but its misgivings could mean that you struggle to get a comfortable night’s sleep, so it’s always worth considering both factors and opting for a solution that suits your particular requirements.

Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

The choosing of the right temperature goes hand-in-hand with the weight of the sleeping bag, as both will be important factors when choosing a sleeping bag. Whereas some can choose a sleeping bag that’s too heavy, some can choose a sleeping bag that’s not warm enough, purely to save on the weight they have to carry.

When choosing a temperature rating, you need to ensure that you’re prepared for the worst-case scenario. It’s better to plan ahead than be unprepared in less-than-luxurious conditions.

It’s worth noting that manufacturers of sleeping bags have to use what is called an EN 13537 test which establishes which sleeping bags are best suited to you, depending on the temperature they provide. There are three different types of temperature to consider.

  • Comfort Temp: A comfort temperature is around -10°C and a sleeping bag with this rating is what an adult female requires to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Limit Temp: The limit temp is -17°C and is the temperature that allows an adult male to have a comfortable night’s sleep while in the curled position.
  • Extreme Temp: An extreme temp sleeping bag is normally used for extreme conditions. As there is a risk of hypothermia, as well as other weather-related ailments.

The ratings make the selection of a sleeping bag much easier, as you’re able to identify as to what conditions the bag will be suitable for, ensuring that your purchase is a worthwhile one.

Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag Season Rating

As well as ensuring that you have the right temperature rating, you may also want to consider the season rating. The season rating has been put in place to help those looking for sleeping bags to find the right product for their particular needs and are especially useful for those who enjoy camping.

The ratings are as follows:

  • Two-Season: The two-season sleeping bag suits those sleeping during good conditions in the spring and summer months. Those with a two-season rating are often lighter, and will ensure that you don’t get too hot.
  • Three-Season: Three-season sleeping bags are ideal for months that occur between spring and autumn, and in some instances, milder winter periods. Those who enjoy mild backpacking and camping often opt for the three-season sleeping bag as they are very versatile.
  • Four-Season: Those who decide to brave the harsher winter elements will need to invest in a sleeping bag with a four-season rating. It’s worth noting that although sleeping bags that have a four-season rating, they not necessarily going to be ideal for those looking to do most of their camping in the warmer months.
  • Five-Season: A five-season sleeping bag is ideal for those looking to brave arctic conditions, but are only effective if the right clothing is used in conjunction with the sleeping bag. However, those who wish to sleep in less clothing could also make use of a five-season sleeping bag.
  • Kids: Any sleeping bag for kids that carries a kids rating is only really suitable for those looking to have a sleepover at a friend’s house. If your children will be camping with you, then it can be advisable for you to invest in an adult bag, or have one of the children sleep with you in your bag.

If you enjoy camping as a family, then these ratings can really help when it comes to ensuring that the family is fully kitted out for your next big camping adventure.

Consider What Kind of Insulation Type You Require

There are two different types of insulation you need to consider in relation to your sleeping bag, and they are synthetic and down. Sleeping bags with synthetic insulation often retain heat better when wet, and are often less expensive than the down insulation counterparts.

However, down insulation types generally have a better warm-to-weight ratio when compared to synthetic insulation sleeping bags. Sleeping bags with down insulation often cost more, but can last up to a number of years if they’re cared for in the right way. They can also be lighter to carry than sleeping bags containing synthetic insulation.

Of course, there’s also your own body type to consider. While these rating makes things a lot clearer, there can be instance in which you may require a certain insulation to ensure you’re not too cold. However, using the aforementioned ratings in tandem with the insulation will ensure you are able to find a sleeping bag that ticks all the boxes.

Consider the Width and Length of the Bag

The length of the sleeping bag is an important factor, as you need to ensure it covers your needs when in use. Check that the size of the sleeping bag is big enough for your frame. You should also consider whether you require the sleeping bag to have some additional extras, such as hood for the colder nights and some storage for our belonging, such as our keys and mobile phone.

Just as the correct length is important, so is the width of the bag. There’s nothing worse than trying to fit inside a sleeping bag that’s simply too tight, often making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Although slimmer sleeping bags are better for those looking to carry less weight, it’s still important that the sleeping bag you choose is able to meet all of your requirements.

We all have different frames, so there’s certainly no shame in looking for a particular brand if that’s what suits you best. At the end of the day, all the matters is that you’re comfortable and able to grab some shut-eye when embracing the great outdoors. If you need a mattress as well as a sleeping bag you can read a full buying guide at

Sleeping Bag Features

Although the size of the sleeping bag is important, as is the temperature rating, there can be some other factors that you may not have considered when purchasing a sleeping bag.

  • Zipper Compatibility

Many may not be aware, but a number of sleeping bags can actually be zipped together to make for more space. However, for them to be compatible, you first have to ensure that the two sleeping bags are designed in the right way. The following pointers should help you make an informed decision when making arrangements for your next excursion.

For two sleeping bags to be compatible, they need to have the same length zipper, albeit on opposite sides, often referred to as the ‘right-hand’ zipper and the ‘left-hand’ zipper. There is also the size of the zipper to consider, as some sleeping bags have zippers that are of different sizes. Most brands will either have a size 5 or size 8 zipper, so it’s important that both bags have the same size zipper.

It doesn’t matter if the bags are of a different season and temperature rating, although you will have to ensure that the warmer sleeping bag is able to cover the colder sleeper.

  • Hood

Although many sleeping bags do come with a hood included, the style of hood can differ. Some hoods are drawn together with a string. This looks to stop heat escaping. Other hoods can be stuffed with clothing that allows for a make-shift pillow.

  • Draft Tube

The draft tube is a tube that is filled with insulation that runs alongside the bag’s main zipper, as it is designed to stop the heat escaping via the zipper coil.

  • Draft Collar

A draft collar is normally found on bags that have a 0°F or below. The insulated tubes are placed above the shoulders, and look to prevent body heat escaping from the sleeping bag.

  • Stash Pocket

Although the pocket placement will vary, you will find that many sleeping bags come complete with stash pockets. These allow you to store items of importance and ensure that they’re close to hand, such as glasses or your mobile phone.

  • Pad Loops

Pad loops are provided so the sleeping bag can be secured to the sleeping pad directly, ensuring you don’t roll off while you’re asleep.

  • Trapezoidal Footbox

Those who are looking to have a little more size when it comes to the foot area will find sleeping bags with a trapezoidal footbox. The extras space gives you more room for your feet, which will relieve tension. This will also aid the longevity of the insulation.

Evidently, there can be a lot to consider when deciding as to which sleeping bag is best suited to your needs, and you first foray in to the world of camping or backpacking can be a cautious one. However, you will soon understand the pros-and-cons associated with each sleeping bag, and ensure that you purchase one that is able to serve you well in your next adventure.

Of course, it’s not only the rough terrain sleeping bags have to cater to, but also the comfort of children and families. The number of different ratings will allow families to ensure that all their loved ones are kept nice and warm during their next excursion.

Many will often assume that cheaper sleeping bags are able to offer the same qualities as their counterparts, but in most instances, this is untrue. While they may be ideal for a sleepover, it’s likely that they will be next to useless in more challenging environments.

Having a slew of information to hand before deciding on a purchase allows you to make a more informed-decision when it comes to purchasing your next sleeping bags. You can also read our guide on the best wearable sleeping bags here.

Best Sleeping Bags Reviews
  • Sleeping Bag Buying Guide


There are countless options when it comes to buying a sleeping bag and which one you end up buying will depend on what you plan to use it for and what time of the year it will be used as well as you personal preference. Hopefully after reading our guide and reviews we have helped you make a more informed decision.


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