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Waeco Dometic 966 Portable Toilet

  • Flush system with 9.6L flush tank
  • Full size seat and lid
  • 19L waste tank
  • Double sealed to prevent leaks and odours

This portable camping toilet is a great choice for larger camping trips where you need more volume for the toilet.

With a 19L waste tank, the toilet can accommodate a fair amount of waste before needing emptied. While it may seem unpleasant to let so much waste accumulates, this is a flush system that features a double seal to prevent any type of leaks or odours dissipating from the toilet.

As mentioned, this is a flush system, meaning you don’t really need to get your hands dirty when emptying it - simply dump the waste using the large discharge pipe for quick and easy emptying. It’s a full-size bowl so shouldn’t get to unclean after using it, while the bellows pump provides easy flushing without any troubles.

To ensure comfort when using the toilet, the seat features a full-size design, meaning it is essentially the same size as your average toilet seat. This makes using the toilet much easier and prevents it from tipping over too.

Tinkertonk Portable Toilet

  • Flush system - uses top fresh water tank for easy flushing
  • Full waste tank below that locks to prevent leaks and odours
  • 2 carry handles on waste tank for easy disposal
  • Adult size toilet seat but suitable for children too

The Tinkertonk Portable Toilet is a sizeable camping toilet suitable for larger groups. With a 20L capacity and a dual tank design, the toilet is designed for comfortable and hygienic use when out in the wild.

The top tank contains fresh water that is used to flush the toilet, with the waste being held in the waste tank below. There is a latch on the top tank that securely connects to the waste tank, helping to prevent accidental leaks or any nasty odours from developing.

There are two carry handles found on the second tank as well, which helps make emptying the toilet a bit easier, not to mention hygienic. Simply disconnect the flush tank, grab the handles of the waste tank and carry it to a dumping site.

It also includes a carry bag for easier transportation, with portability being quite impressive thanks to the lightweight design. That said, it doesn’t sacrifice any size or comfort for this, with the toilet seat designed for adult use.

Hillington Lightweight and Portable 5L Camping Toilet

  • Waste bag disposal system
  • 5L removable waste bucket
  • Sturdy high-density polyethylene construction

This portable camping toilet from Hillington is a cost-effective option for anyone going on a solo camping excursion. It’s a basic design but still very functional, with an internal waste bucket sitting inside of the main toilet compartment.

At 5L, the capacity isn’t the biggest so is probably best saved for smaller camping parties. That said, it’s best used with waste disposal bags, so you can easily empty it after each use to make it suitable for multiple campers.

The waste bucket is easy to remove for cleaning too, so maintenance is generally simple enough for the toilet, with two carry handles allowing for easy transporting of the waste bucket.

Made from high-density polyethylene, the main toilet section is certainly sturdy enough for adult use, and while it has quite a low profile it should be comfortable enough to use in most instances. There is even a toilet roll holder included, making it that bit more comfortable to use!

This is quite impressive considering how lightweight the toilet it is, making a good choice for camping trips where you need to carry your supplies a bit further. There is also covered provided for the toilet to ensure there is no nastiness developing on when not being used. 

Bivvy Loo Portable Camping Toilet

  • Waste bag disposal system
  • Includes biodegradable waste bags and wipes
  • Waste managing powder that converts waste into to liquid

The Bivvy Loo Portable Camping Toilet offers an all-in-one toilet solution for camping excursions. Whether for a camping trip in the wild, hitting a festival with friends, or going on a fishing excursion, the toilet is a great option for those seeking a compact, lightweight portable toilet.

As a waste bag system, you need to use biodegradable bags for catching and disposing waste. It’s easy enough to use and very hygienic - simply tie a bag to the toilet and then remove it when you are done.

12 waste bags are included, so you may need more if camping with a larger party, while there are also biodegradable wet wipes and waste managing power that converts waste into a liquid for safe disposal, making the toilet very eco-friendly.

It couldn’t be easier to set up either. The pop-up design means the toilet is incredible compact for travelling, and the portability is further enhanced with the zipped weatherproof carry case included with the toilet.

This means you can set up pretty much anywhere at any time, making it especially good for camping trips that involve a lot hiking. Despite the pop-up design, the toilet is strong enough to hold up to 23 stone!

Homgrace Portable Camping Toilet

  • Flush toilet system
  • 19L waste tank with
  • Made from odour resistant materials
  • Waste water tank level indictor

This Homgrace Portable Camping Toilet offers a clean and comfortable toilet experience that many will appreciate. A double flush system is found at the top tank, allowing for quicker flushing while using less water.

When combined with the large 19L waste tank, you can expect to get lots of use out of the toilet before needing to empty it. This doesn’t cause a nasty pool of waste to develop however, as it’s made from odour-resistant materials and comes with a waste indicator level to let you know when to empty it.

To ensure hygienic waste disposal, the waste tank is completely removable from the fresh water tank, while the sealing slide valve locks in all odours and leaks. Just use the side latches to carry the waste tank away for disposal and then pour out from the splash-free rotating spout - this guarantees you don’t accidently touch any waste when emptying the toilet.

Despite being large in size (it even comes with an adult toilet seat) the toilet is very lightweight, making it easy to carry about from site to site.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

One of the more overlooked aspects of camping is going to the toilet. Most novice campers remember equipment like camping lanterns, sleeping bags, camping mattress and a fridge for camping but assume a toilet is not required. While camping allows us to get back to nature and take a break from modern life, there are a few amenities worth taking along with you, and a toilet is one of them.

Yet many people only realise this until it’s too late. Granted, you can go to the toilet out in the wilderness or at a public toilet when using a campsite, but these certainly lack the comfort and privacy of your own toilet.

Enter the portable camping toilet!

Portable camping toilets are an inexpensive piece of camping equipment that more people should be buying. Available in a range of modern designs that provide a comfortable and practical toilet for camping trips, portable camping toilets are a great investment for anyone heading out on an outdoor adventure.

However, not everyone is familiar with a camping toilet so don’t really know what features to look out for. Given what you’ll be using it for, it’s always worth researching portable camping toilets to get the best product possible!

Check out the guide below for what to look for in a quality portable camping toilet:

Disposal Type

As you can imagine, portable camping toilets need to be emptied, so consider the disposal method of the toilet to suit your preferences.

 For example, camping toilets with water flush systems use a water tank to flush waste into a secondary waste compartment. These are good for larger groups as they hold more waste and are quite easy to dump.

The most common disposal method is waste bags. These connect to the toilet and are removed after you use it. They are always odour controlled so shouldn’t be too bad to handle, while being biodegradable for easy disposal out in the wilderness.

Flush systems are generally better for anyone that is uneasy about handling the toilet waste, as they are easier to empty - you need to bury waste bags a few metres in the ground and away from water sources.


Portable camping toilets are available in a range of sizes, all of which have differing capacities. So, consider how large a capacity you need for a toilet, as this will usually impact the overall size and portability of the toilet.

For example, if you are going on a family camping trip then a toilet with a bigger capacity is recommended, while smaller toilets should be fine for solo or two-man camping trips.

Flush toilets also have a limit to how many flushes before they need emptied, so keep an eye on this when looking for a large capacity flush camping toilet.


Size doesn’t just impact the capacity of a portable camping toilet - it effects the overall dimension of the toilet! You may need to consider this, especially when short on space in your vehicle or for when walking long distances with the toilet, as a bigger toilet can quickly become more trouble than it’s worth.

Be sure to choose a suitable size for your needs while considering portability. Also, make sure the seat is large enough to sit down on!


As the name suggests, portable camping toilets are designed to be used on the move. They should always be easy to carry or pack into a car, which is why a lightweight camping toilet is always the best option to go for.

The needs to be set up a good distance from your campsite, so bear in mind how easy it is to move around before buying. Cumbersome and larger sized toilets may be worth avoiding as they are likely difficult to move around.


You will need to spend time setting up your portable camping toilet, so think about how easy it is to set up, especially when going to several different places on your trip. The best portable camping toilets should be quick and easy to set up, but don’t forget that the location you are camping could impact this.


Nobody wants an uncomfortable toilet, so take the time to ensure you something comfortable enough to sit on. Bear in mind that they are naturally more compact than a traditional toilet so may require you to sit in somewhat unnatural positions - look to see how comfortable they are to sit on.


The last thing anyone wants is to be using a camping toilet and it falls over. Unfortunately, this often occurs on toilets with poor designs, which is why you should always look for something with ample stability.

Many come with special brackets that help to improve stability - keep an eye on them if you are concerned about the toilet keeling over!


Unsurprisingly, portable camping toilets are going to face all manner of unpleasant odours, so look out for features that prevent odours from escaping. A good choice for this is flush camping toilets, as these usually come with a double seal design that keeps nasty odours at bay.

Some come with venting to help dissipate the smell and keep from leaking into the toilet area, while advanced toilets even feature chemical treated basins that help prevent odours in the first place.

The latter of these is more expensive and requires a lot of maintenance, but this is worthwhile for many that want to avoid rancid odours from the toilet.


A portable camping toilet doesn’t offer much privacy, typically being a standalone unit with not type of coverage. This may not be an issue for people camping out in the wild where the toilet will be in an isolated location but can be problematic when camping in busier spots.

Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a portable camping toilet that comes with a privacy shelter - or at least purchase a shelter separately to use with the toilet.

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