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Inflatable tents are one of the newest innovations in the camping world, becoming an increasingly popular option for many campers. The reason for this is mainly down to convenience, as inflatable tents are some of the easiest to carry and setup.

Also known as a blow-up tent, inflatable tents are virtually indistinguishable from a normal tent, sporting the same appearance and features. However, the one key difference that makes it so popular is the lack of poles.

Rather than relying on metal poles to support the structure of the tent, inflatable tents feature tubes that are filled with air. They become rigid when inflated, offering the same support as poles, collapsing completely when deflated.

This allows them to be much lighter than tents that use poles, not to mention being much easier to set up. The tent simply gets unrolled, pumped up and then tied down. It takes a matter of minutes to setup, making it especially great for large, family-size tents that can take an age to get up.

Interested in buying an inflatable tent for your next camping trip? Check out some of the best products currently available:

Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Inflatable Tent

  • 4-person capacity
  • 2 XL blackout bedrooms
  • 4000mm water column

Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Inflatable Tent

The Coleman FastPitch Valdes 4 is a four-man inflatable tent that is perfect for family and group camping. Offering ample space and a selection of great features, there are plenty of reasons to consider this inflatable tent.

This four-man inflatable tent is divided into two spacious bedrooms, with each capable of sleeping two people comfortably. Each room can hold a double air mattress with some space to spare, so if you don’t like cramped bedrooms in a tent then this is tent worth checking out.

Not only is there ample space, but the rooms block out 99% of natural sunlight, which is certainly handy for anyone sensitive to light or those that don’t want to be rudely awakened by the beating sun!

Of course, the key feature of this tent is unquestionably its inflatable air tube support. Using the pump included with the tent, you can have it pitched and dismantled in a matter of minutes, removing all the stresses of pitching a large tent!

In fact, a single person can easily pitch this tent, and as there are no poles needed the tent is surprisingly lightweight when deflated.

Another cool feature is the 4000mm hydrostatic water column. A hallmark of all Coleman Valdes tents, this feature lets the tent hold as much as a 4m column of water before any leaks begin to develop. This certainly offers a peace of mind for anyone camping in rainy conditions!

Vango Odyssey Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent

  • Five-man capacity
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Lights-out inners for blocking sunlight
Vango Odyssey Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent

The Air Beam Odyssey tent from Vango allows for quick and easy pitching in any condition. Sporting Vango’s Air Beam technology, the tent poles are inflatable air tubes that take all the hassle away from pitching a tent.

Simply unroll the tent, connect the double-action pump provided and start inflating. The total pitching time is around eight minutes, leaving you all the time in the world to enjoy your camping trip.

This is especially impressive given the larger size of the tent. The two bedrooms have notably high head heights that make standing possible, and there is a room divider option to make a single bedroom, while double mesh doors and large diamond windows give the lounge area very luxurious feel.

Of course, no one wants to be woke by streams of sunlight in the morning, so the rooms feature lights-out inners that help to block out most of the natural light – ideal for getting a perfect night’s sleep!

Vango’s airzone technology is also utlisied to regulate the temperature inside the tent. This ensures things don’t overheat on warm days, which can be a real setback when camping in the summer. It also features a 400mm waterproof HH rating, so it will take a serious amount of rain to cause any leaks!

A great inflatable tent that offers plenty of room and is simple to pitch – what more could you want!

Easy Camp Tornado 500 Air Tent

  • 5-person capacity
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Two-way pump for fast inflation
Easy Camp Tornado 500 Air Tent

The Tornado 500 is a 5-person tent that’s great for group camping trips. It used three separate airtubes as support, which can be inflated in a matter of minutes using the two-way pump, making it one of the easiest tents you’ll ever pitch.

Five people can sleep comfortable between the two spacious rooms, and there is even a porch section for lounging around during the day. This section also features two windows (with curtains), while the large opening can be completely lifted to create a nice open space.

Should you want to, you can alter the size between the two bedrooms using the space divider. One bedroom is slightly smaller than the other with the divider in place, so when removed you are left with quite a large bedroom area.

The entire tent features standing headroom, so adults don’t have to worry about crouching around when inside, and there’s a host of nice touches that give the Tornado 500 a homely feel.

For instance, organiser pockets mean you don’t’ need leave all your things lying around, while air vents at the front and back provide a pleasant airflow. Should you have a nice spot to camp, the ground sheet in the lounge area can be removed, letting you feel the grass between your toes!

All in all, a great inflatable tent that has a lot to like. Spacious and easy to pitch, the Tornado 500 is a certainly worth investing in for your next camping trip!

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