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Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • One-person capacity
  • Spacious cockpit with inflatable seat
  • I-beam support for better stability 
  • Includes pump and aluminium oar

For anyone seeking an affordable but functional inflatable kayak, look no further than the Intex Challenger K1. This one-man kayak comes with a great price that makes it ideal for any beginners seeking out an affordable inflatable water craft for fishing or water sports.

Made from a robust vinyl material that is puncture-resistant, the Challenger K1 is a seriously tough kayak that is designed for use in lakes and mild rivers, making it fine choice for inexperienced kayakers looking to develop their skill and experience on calm water.

It’s also UV resistant to help ensure long periods out in the sun won’t diminish the toughness of the material, so expect to get a good few years from the kayak without problems. Should there be a puncture, there is a puncture repair kit included with the kayak, so it should be easy enough to repair.

Inflatable kayaks are often difficult to control at first, especially when there is a lack of stability in the vessel, but the Challenger K1 comes with an I-beam support that provides quality stability whenever in water. While naturally buoyant, inflatable kayaks with additional design features to improve stability are always worth investing in, especially as a beginner.

There is a spacious cockpit in the kayak that should comfortable fit most people, even those that are 6ft plus. The space in the cockpit is great for holding gear (it has an impressive weight capacity of 99kg) and offers room for an inflatable chair that makes using the kayak very comfortable, even for long bouts of paddling.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

  • Two-person capacity
  • Total weight capacity of 160kg
  • High visibility design
  • Includes two 86’ aluminium oars, high-output hand pump, and repair kit
  • I-beam for additional support and comfort

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a great inflatable kayak for anyone that wants to hit the water with a friend. In fact, the design of the kayak makes is possible to use the two-man craft as a solo vessel as well, which is great for anyone that plans to kayak alone and with someone else.

It’s got an impressive weight capacity regardless of how whether one or two people are in the boat, with a total capacity of 160kg. This means that you can pack a significant amount of gear when using it solo, while also having plenty of room when two people use the kayak.

Made from a robust vinyl material, the Explorer K2 is generally quite tough, although is designed for use on lakes and mild rivers. The high visibility design ensures you can be seen from far distances should there ever be an emergency, while the overall shape of the kayak maintains a low profile when in the water, making it a good choice for fishing!

The streamline design also aims to make paddling much easier, so the Explorer K2 is certainly suitable for beginners. That said, manoeuvrability does become more difficult when used as solo craft, so keep this in mind if ever using it alone.

To further improve usability, there is an inflatable I-beam that provides great support and buoyancy when operating the kayak, while a removable skeg also helps improve directional stability. The seats are both inflatable and quite comfortable, so it should a be an enjoyable day of paddling with the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak!

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Riviera

  • Lightweight design - weighs just 8kg
  • Two-person capacity with total weight capacity of 180kg
  • Made from durable PVC material
  • I-beam construction for improved stability

The Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Riviera is a fantastic water vessel designed for use in rivers, lakes, and even along the shore in the ocean. Strong and durable, this two-man kayak is a great option for outdoor adventures with a friend, giving the chance to explore all manner of amazing locations.

Weighing just 8kg, this is one of the lightest two-man inflatable kayaks on the market, which is even more impressive when you consider it has plenty of space onboard. Furthermore, it couldn’t be easier to inflate and deflate thanks to the pressure gauge system that comes with a display to indicate how much or little air is needed.

There are two inflatable seats that offer additional comfort on the water, while there is some spare room for some smaller supplies, with the Riviera boasting an impressive 180kg weight capacity.

Of course, not every excursion involves two persons, so the inflatable seats of the Riviera are completely removable, allowing you to convert the kayak into a one-man vessel with plenty of room for storing supplies.

As a larger kayak there is often concern about stability, but the Riviera comes with a range of design features that make it incredibly sturdy on water. For instance, there are separate chambers throughout hull that improve stability, while the I-beam feature also helps keep the Riviera steady, even in choppier waters.

To round off a great inflatable kayak package, a carry bag, two aluminium oars, and a puncture repair kit are included with the Riviera.

Andes Inflatable/Blow Up Two Person Kayak

  • Two-man capacity
  • Total weight capacity of 160kg
  • Made from durable PVC material
  • Includes oars, foot pump, air band, and puncture repair kit

The Andes Inflatable Kayak offers a spacious two-man boat for an affordable price, making it a fine option for beginner’s looking to try their hand at a spot of kayaking. This roomy inflatable kayak comes with two inflatable seats, both of which are removable should you want to create more space when using the kayak on a solo adventure.

Made from heavy duty PVC, the kayak is generally very durable, being suitable for most types of rivers and lakes, although it probably shouldn’t be used along coastal areas as the waves may caused water to fill the cockpit.

However, it should be able to handle the roughness of most kayaking adventures without taking any damage. Plus, there is a puncture repair kit included with the kayak, so it is easy enough to repair if needed.

With a total weight capacity of 160kg, the kayak sits two people comfortably without losing any sturdiness, thanks in no part to the five-chamber design that helps to maintain the shape of the kayak even when seating two people.

Hydro-Force Ventura Kayak

  • Spacious two-man design
  • 3m in length
  • Adjustable seats and back rest
  • Extra storage space
  • Pump and oars included

The Hydro-Force Ventura Kayak is a high-quality inflatable kayak suitable for both beginner’s and experienced kayakers alike. With a spacious design, the Hydro-Force Ventura provides ample room to sit two people comfortably, measuring a total length of 3.3m.

This makes it a fantastic investment for couples, friends, and families looking to hit the water together in an inflatable kayak. The length of the kayak makes paddling very easy with two people, although going solo may require more experience given the difficulties controlling a longer vessel alone.

That said, its more than possible to enjoy the Hydro-Force Ventura on your own as well as with a friend, with the inflatable seats being very easy to remove. The seats are very comfortable in any case, coming with additional back support, ensuring those long days of kayaking don’t cause any discomfort.

The large design of the Hydro-Force Ventura makes it great for packing additional gear. Being 3.3m long allows for an additional storage space throughout of the kayak, and you can easily store a range of supplies here, whether packing a lunch or taking some rods for a spot of fishing on the lake.

Despite the larger length of the Hydro-Force Ventura, it remains very stable thanks to 1m beam that helps keep the kayak steady, particularly when fishing. Plus, the front-end shape of the kayak is designed to limit spray from choppier waters, while you can also drain anything that enters the kayak by using the drain valve and plugs.

Sevylor Tahiti 2+ Canoe Inflatable Sea Kayak

  • 3-man capacity - holds two adults and one child
  • Total weight capacity of 200kg
  • Backpack system for easy portability
  • Pressure gauge allows fast and accurate inflation

The Sevylor Tahiti 2+ Canoe Inflatable Sea Kayak is the perfect water craft for family days out. With a three-man capacity that includes space for two adults and a one child, the Sevylor Tahiti provides the perfect kayak for families looking to hit the lake or explore the shores along the coast.

As the seats for the kayak are inflatable and removeable, you can easily convert it into a two-man kayak, highlighting the versatility of the product. The total weight capacity is certainly impressive as well, being capable of holding a huge 200kg.

Despite the large capacity of the kayak, it never sacrifices stability or portability. An I-beam provides extra support, while the three-chamber design further improves stability, even in less calm waters. You can easily stand up in the kayak without it losing any shape, making it a good choice for fishing.

Given the larger size and capacity of the kayak it’s easy to assume it’s going to be heavier and more cumbersome. This isn’t the case however, as an innovative backpack design allows for easy transportation. When deflated, it simply rolls into the spray deck and convers into a backpack for easy carrying.

To improve accuracy when inflating, the Sevylor Tahiti comes with a pressure gauge and easy inflation valves, making inflation quick and easy.

Inflatable Kayak Buying Guide

Inflatable kayaks have come in a long way in recent years. What was once mostly used as a toy for playing around in pools is now a viable watercraft for a range of activities, from fishing to water sports, making them a worthwhile investment for many.

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Benefits of an inflatable Kayak

One of the big advantages of an inflatable kayak is that is generally a much more affordable water craft compared to hard-sided boats, pontoons, and canoes.

Plus, being inflatable means the kayak is much easier to transport and store than other types of water craft. When deflated, the kayak can easily fit into cars and backpacks for travelling to a lake or river, which also makes them easy to store at home.

Another great benefit of inflatable kayaks is the variety of options available for buyers. There are kayaks designed for various uses, such as fishing, kayaking on rivers, or even using in the ocean, highlighting the versatility of this type of water craft

Maintenance is also a big selling point for an inflatable kayak. Compared to hard-sided kayaks and other water vessels, an inflatable kayak is far easier to clean and repair. You just need to rinse off any grime and much from the kayak when finished using it, while punctures are simple enough to repair with a patch.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Kayak

It’s important to consider some of the following points before buying an inflatable kayak, especially if you have never used a kayak before, as it ensures you get a suitable vessel for your abilities and requirements.

Kayaking Experience

Experienced kayakers will likely want to choose a vessel that is more in line with their abilities. For instance, a beginner’s kayak may not be designed to handle rougher conditions that experienced kayakers paddle in, so consider your current experience level when choosing a kayak.

Beginner’s looking to try their hand at kayaking may not be using it as often either, so probably don’t need to invest in a premium kayak designed for frequent use. Those with more experience are likely using their kayak more often, so should be looking for a product that can handle frequent use in various conditions.

Weather and Water Conditions

Where you intend to go kayaking plays a big influence on the type of inflatable kayak to purchase, as certain weather and water conditions require specific types of kayaks. For example, when it comes to paddling in rougher conditions, such as during the winter, an inflatable kayak with a spray skirt alternative is a good idea.

Basically, this feature attaches to the cockpit section of the kayak to help keep out water spray and cold winds the develop in poor, making it a good investment for those frequenting areas with rough weather and water.

Furthermore, certain inflatable kayaks are designed for calmer water conditions, such as a lake, while others are intended for use in rough waters such rapids or the ocean. Those designed for calmer conditions shouldn’t be used in rougher areas, so keep this in mind!


An inflatable kayak doesn’t need to be a one-person vessel - there are models that come with enough capacity to seat two people comfortably. Known as tandem kayaks, these two-seater kayaks are a great choice for duos heading out for a spot of fishing or kayaking.

It’s worth noting that while it is possible to use a tandem kayak with just one person, manoeuvring it is much more difficult compared to a one-man kayak. However, some kayaks can convert from solo to tandem, making them a great choice for someone that may occasionally take a friend along on their excursion.

Weight and Size

The weight of a kayak will impact how easy it is to transport, which is an important consideration for anyone travelling long distances on foot when carrying the deflated kayak. Bigger kayaks are generally heavier so will take more effort to carry, although this isn’t always a problem, especially when driving close to your destination.

Also, remember that the overall weight of the kayak impacts how much weight it can hold. Larger, heavier kayaks are able to hold more things, which may be important for those with large packs, such as people going fishing.

The size of the kayak doesn’t just impact weight and portability but also how comfortable it is to sit in. Tall people are going to want to make sure the kayak is big enough to provide leg room for sitting comfortably


Kayaks are generally some of the easiest boats to manoeuvre in, with many purposely buying them so they paddle in tight spots to reach difficult locations such as caves, coves, streams, and creeks. If you plan on navigating through tight spots, then a shorter kayak is generally advisable, being much easier to manoeuvre.

That said, those with more experience paddling will likely prefer a longer inflatable kayak. While initially difficult to control, these types of kayaks are great for picking up speed when using advanced paddling techniques, making them great for tracking.


There are several options when it comes to inflatable kayak materials. Some are more expensive than others but come with increased durability, so it’s important to consider where and how often you’ll be using it to ensure you choose a suitable material.

Hypalon and Pennel Orca are synthetic rubbers that are incredibly durable, making them common in high-end inflatable kayaks. Experienced users are likely going to appreciate such materials, as it can withstand harsh weather and water conditions.

PVC is plastic that, while not as tough as Hypalon, is certainly strong enough for most novice kayakers. It’s also a much cheaper material so will probably be preferred by many buying their first inflatable kayak. Pay attention to the thickness of any PVC kayaks, as the thicker the plastic the tougher the kayak is

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