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Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Festival Family Tent

  • 4-person capacity
  • Dome design 
  • Double skinned
  • Front porch

This four-man tent from Adtrek is a fantastic option for couples or even individuals going to a music festival.

The four-person capacity means that while it can sleep for individuals, it’s best used between two people. This makes it perfect for couples camping or for friends looking to save some money by sharing a tent.

A dome design ensures the roof is quite high, although not high enough for standing in. The tent is double-skinned, with the inner lining ensuring no condensation or rain seeps into the actual sleeping area.

It’s fully water proof, which is certainly handy for many festivals throughout the UK given how unpredictable the summer weather is. Should you get blessed with sunshine and good weather, then the air vent ensures a nice airflow to prevent the inside getting too uncomfortable.

Better still, there is a front porch area at the entrance of the tent. This is a very useful feature, as you can store any supplies here, allowing for more space in the sleeping area. It’s also perfect for storing muddy clothes and footwear, which common at festivals and never something you want to drag back into your sleeping area!

The tent also comes with a very reasonable price. In fact, it’s offers such good value that it would be an ideal tent for one person seeking more space.

Mountain Warehouse Festival Tent

  • 2-person capacity
  • Dome design
  • Fly sheet included
  • Porch area

Anyone seeking a reliable tent to sleep one should check out the Mountain Warehouse Festival Tent. Designed with durability in mind, the tent is a safe and secure space for sleeping and chilling during music festivals.

With a two-person capacity, this tent is best suited for individuals. While it has space to sleep two people side by side, things would be very crammed when accounting for supplies that require storage space.

It could certainly work for couples looking for somewhere to sleep, but the single room design means it may not be a good idea for friends sharing.

The porch area does ensure there’s somewhere to store supplies (and muddy gear!), so it’s certainly possible for two people to sleep here with some space to spare - those looking for plenty of space to sleep and relax may not find this appealing however.

Featuring a dome design, the tent also includes a fly sheet to ensure the floor always remains, even if in wet conditions. It’s also waterproof (up to 1500mm) so there should be no issues with waterlogging.

Active Era® Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent

  • 2-person capacity
  • Water resistant
  • Pop up design
  • Includes ventilation window

This 2-person tent from Active Era is a fine choice for individuals, although its spacious design also makes it an option for two people sharing, offering more space than most typical two-person tents.

The spacious design of tent means that two people sharing may not find it the worst, although this a tent that truly shines when one person is using it. Featuring one sleeping area, the tent has a reasonable height (95cm) to it and curved design that give a much more spacious feel.

Like all good tents, its water-resistant to light rainfall, and it also features a ventilation window that provides a welcome source of fresh air. The window features a zipper design rather than Velcro (like many tents), meaning it’s better protected against moisture.

Also, the seams of the tent are all double sewn and taped, which further helps to prevent outside moisture making its away inside of the tent, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times, even when pitched on damp ground.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this tent is the pop-up design. Even the smallest tents can be a nightmare to pitch, especially for those that don’t camp often, which is rather common at music festivals.

All you need to do to set up the tent is to remove it from its carry case and let it pop up, then tie it down with the pegs and ropes provided. There are also instructions on the carry bag for assembling and dissembling.

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Creamfields 4 Person Waterproof Glamping Festival Wigwam Tepee Tent

  • 4-person capacity
  • Fully waterproof
  • Tepee/Wigwam design

Camp in style at your favourite music festival with this amazing four-person Creamfields Festival Wigwam Tepee tent. It’s got a luxurious design and plenty of features that make it the perfect place to camp this summer.

The four-person capacity makes it suitable for friends or couples sharing. In fact, the design is spacious enough that three people should be able to fit with some room to spare, although going to the full capacity will leave things feeling slightly cramped.

Taking a unique design, this tent features aspects of a wigwam and tepee, with a domed cone shape that offers ample space. The dimensions are certainly spacious, measuring 300cm x 300cm x 200cm, offering enough room to stand.

The tent is fully waterproof and features a rugged canvas and sturdy steel frame. It’s strong, stable, and will keep out all moisture, while the natural cotton fabric is breathable and offers a very luxurious finish.

A sizeable tent suitable for sleeping two to three people, the Creamfields Festival Wigwam Tepee tent also features a very unique design that makes it impossible to miss, which is very useful for finding your tent in festival campsite!

Pyramid Festival Tipi Tent

  • 4-person capacity
  • Water resistant up to 1000mm
  • Tipi design

The Pyramid Festival Tipi is an affordable four-person tent that is great for anyone on a tight budget that still wants a spacious place to sleep with a friend or partner.

Capable of sleeping four, it’s only recommended that two people share the tent, as it may be lacking in space when packed full. Three people can sleep at a push, but after that it begins to get somewhat restrictive, which is never fun at a festival.

The unique tipi design is a good feature for those that like space to stand from time to time. Taller people often struggle with enough space in smaller tents, to the cone shape results in a good height (290cm) for standing, even if you are above 6ft.

An outer polyester shell comes with a water column of 1000mm, while the groundsheet is attached to the tent too, so you can pitch on damp surfaces and remain dry and comfortable.

Buying Guide

Hitting a music festival during the summer is always a great time, but it’s something that requires a surprising amount of preparation. One of the most important things you need for a music festival - beyond a ticket - is a good quality tent.

Festival tents should make your time camping comfortable and fun, while offering a few extra luxuries should you prefer it. They can be as basic as you want but splashing for something suitable for a festival is always worth it - it’s going to be your home for a long weekend after all!

Looking for the best festival tent for the summer? Then check out this buying guide for all the info you need to know!

Set a Budget 

Like buying anything, it’s a good idea to set a budget for your festival tent. It’s easy to spend as little as possible given the fact you’ll likely only be using it for a few days, while spending too much is never a good idea when you consider the amount mess it’s going to experience - spilled food and drink is to be excepted!

So, it’s worth setting a moderate budget that allows you to get a decent tent that you’re happy to leave behind or at least take a little bit of wear and tear. Buying a cheap tent isn’t the best idea if the weather might be an issue, as the last thing anyone wants is to deal with a water logged tend!

Choose a Suitable Size 

The most important thing to consider when buying a festival tent is the size. You’re going to need enough space to sleep and hold all your belongings, while some people will want enough space to sit with a few friends and to be able to stand.

An obvious thing to consider is how many people are sleeping in the tent. The common logic used when buying a tent is to always go at least one size up from the recommended capacity. For instance, if two people are sharing, a three or four-man tent is much more comfortable and spacious than going for a basic two-man tent.

Consider Extra Space 

Many tents come with extra space beyond the sleeping areas, which may be a good idea if a large group are going to the festival. Porch areas make for a great place to relax and hang out and are a lifesaver if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Extra spaces are also great for storing supplies. Whether it’s your camping gear, muddy wellies, or food and drink, having additional space to store stuff gives more space for sleeping - which is always recommended.

Think About the Tent Design 

The design of the tent will impact the overall size and how easy it is to setup. For example, a popup tent is always going to be on the smaller side but is the easiest to pitch. Dome and tunnel tents offer plenty of room for sleeping and sitting around with friends, but they require more time and effort to pitch.

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Best Festival Tents Reviews

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