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Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Inflatable Tent

Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Inflatable TentDepending on our surroundings, the amount of time we have to pitch a tent can be limited. This can be especially true if we’re attending a festival, or somewhere where there is a large volume of people and space becomes more and more scarce. Fortunately, the Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Tent lives it up to its name, and can be erected in next to no time. FastPitch takes mere minutes to set up due to the containing inflatable poles, which takes out much of the legwork when it comes to pitching a tent, and can offer enough living space for six people once pitched. However, you shouldn’t worry about the tent being of any less quality due to inflatable properties, as the clever and robust design means that you’re left with a sturdy solution, regardless of what the elements throw at you. The tent has a 4000mm water column, and comes included with both the pump and the manometer, meaning that you’re ready to go as you unpack the tent.

Thanks to its clever design, the FastPitch also offers plenty of headroom once the tent is pitched. Add to this the fact that you have the ability to black out bedrooms, and you can be sure that you’re getting the respite you need when away from home, or making an afternoon nap all that more enjoyable.

There are other features to the Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes tent that may seem simple on the surface, but soon show their benefit once the tent is being used. For example, the hinged door can be left unzipped, but will remain closed to ensure that you have no uninvited guests within your dwellings, such as insects and bugs.

The tent is heavy, and can weigh up to 30kg when deflated, so you need to ensure you have the right kind of transport when moving the tent. However, if you’re looking to camp with friends and family, then the Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Inflatable Tent is a wise investment for those looking for a home away from home.


 Vango Odyssey 600 Family Tunnel Tent

Vango Odyssey 600 Family Tunnel TentThe Vango Odyssey 600 is another tent that makes clever use of space thanks to its tunnel design. The tent comes included with a sewn-in groundsheet, as well as a fire-retardant flysheet. The water course of the tent is 4000 mm and even comes included with crystal-clear PVC windows. Fear not if you enjoy your privacy, as you are also given access to toggle curtains. As such, it’s ideal for letting the sun in, and keeping prying eyes out.

Although not as quick to pitch as some other tents, many will find that the more they use the Vango Odyssey, the quicker they will be able to get their tent set up, and this normally averages around 15 minutes. The quick setup is made possible thanks to the fibreglass poles, which use a patented Vango TBS II, a tension band system that’s also used to give the tent extra stability

As the name would suggest, this tent is designed with families in mind. Some tents full short because they can give a family a sense of being squashed in, but not so with the Vango Odyssey 600 Family Tunnel Tent. There’s plenty of room for everyone to relax in, and it’s very rare that you ever feel like you’re in someone’s way.

Although designed for a family, there’s certainly no feeling of being squashed in. Of course, depending on how many people are using the tent, space can be limited. But for the most part, the tunnel design of the tent will ensure that everyone has their own space in most instances.

Weighing in at 19.95 kg, the tent is lighter than some others, although it can be still be quite heavy if you need to take it some distance. However, the tent is designed with a family in mind, and with that in mind, it more that suits its purpose, and should be a consideration for any to that enjoys the great outdoors.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 TentWhile many of us will be focused on a tent that is designed exclusively for families, there are others who may want a more adaptable solution. Fortunately, the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent can be used for those family outings, as well as making for a spacious visit for one or two people. This is attributed to the design of the tent. As the name suggests, is shaped like an octagon. As well as giving those in the tent a full view of their surroundings, they can also insert dividers to make separate quarters. The Cortes Octagon 8 is also ideal for those looking for more of a glamping experience. As well as coming complete with room dividers, the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 also

It can be a tighter space if used to full capacity, but for a tent that offers a number of uses, then it could be a worthwhile investment if no two trips are ever the same.

CampFeuer Spacious Family Tent

CampFeuer Spacious Family TentWhile there a number of tents that are designed with families in mind, they don’t always consider extended family. Fortunately, the CampFeuer Family Tent is able to offer space for up to twelve people. This is made possible by it having a sleeping compartment, with another six being able to use the tent vestibule. While this can be more of a squeeze, the very fact it is able to house twelve people in the first place is somewhat impressive.

Of course, with it being so spacious, it means that if fewer people use the tent, then they are able to benefit from a spacious environment.  The tent is lighter than other options, weighing 26.5 kg and measures 580 x 410 x 210 cm when pitched, and 79 x 35 cm when packed.

The tent even has an option to have a porch entrance, ideal for those hotter days when camping. It is also ideal if you find that your children have a tendency to go wandering, and you want to ensure that everyone is close by of a night.


Coleman Instant Dome 5

COLEMAN Instant Dome 5 TentIf you’re not fussed about how much space the tent offers those using it, then the Coleman Instant Dome 4 is able to squeeze in astonishing five people. However, if you’re merely travelling with a companion, then you will find that there is more than enough room to enjoy. What’s more, thanks to the spider-like design of the Instant Dome 4 means that it’s a complete breeze to erect, even if you have little one getting under your feet. Not only does this save you a great deal of time, but it also ensures that you’re not subjected to any stress when pitching the tent.

The easy pitching of the tent is made possible thanks to the pre-attached pole which stand to attention when the tent is being pitched. When packed, it measures 105 x 19 x 19cm and has a 3000 m, water course, meaning that even heavy rain has trouble getting inside the tent.

How quick the tent is to set up can demand on a few factors, but generally many will find that their tent is ready to use within 20 minutes. While cheaper than some other options, it still provides a great deal of protection when outside, although this a single skin tent. As such, users can expect to experience condensation on the inside of the tent. However, there are two ventilation holes to ensure that this is kept to a minimum.

It’s certainly not the largest tent available to you, but in many ways, this is one of its main benefits. Tents that give a vast area of space are normally quite heavy, just because of the design that has to be instilled. This offers a straightforward solution for those who just want to ensure they’re shielded away from the elements for a night.

The great thing about the Coleman Instant Dome is just how easy it is to transport. Weighing a mere 6.1 kg, the tent can be used for a number of different excursions without I becoming too heavy to carry. The Coleman Instant Dome can be used in many different scenarios, such as the obvious camping trip, or a bout of all-night fishing. The fact that it is so to setup also means that it can be used if you’re attending a festival over the weekend. It may not have some of the luxuries that other tents have, but for what it lacks in extras, it more than makes up for with practicality.

Camping has quickly become one of the most enjoyable activities for both families and large groups of all kinds. Many campgrounds however can put restrictions on how many tents are able to be erected in one area and therefore many groups are opting to purchase larger family style tents so that less structures have to be put up on the campsite. Here are some of the top tents on the market today.


Coleman Waterfall 5 Delluxe

Coleman Waterfall 5 Deluxe TentTraditional tents can be a bit awkward in their design. They have straight sides that do not deflect the wind very effectively. Curved sides enable the wind and rain to be deflected away from the tent’s outer shell reducing the risk of the tent caving in or being blown away. The Coleman Waterfall is a five-person tent that has a remarkable dome and tunnel shape. This larger than average tent comes with a convenient carry bag and is easily set up practically anywhere. Apart from its ease of set up, the tent is relatively light when compared to many other tents that are marketed toward families. You will have plenty of gear to bring along on the trip, so having an oversized tent to weigh you down will certainly put a damper on your camping experience. The Coleman Waterfall is large enough for the whole family and will never weight you down. All you have to do is enjoy the outdoors.

Instead of simply being a structure that five people can easily sleep within the Coleman Waterfall tent has a separate sleeping area along with a very well designed front area that allows for the wind to blow through when you want it to and even a covered porch area with its own attached awning. You and your entire group will love the space within the Coleman waterfall and you will also love the convenience of having a separate area for sleeping. This tent is perfect if you have small children that you want to keep out of the sun, yet still in the outdoors. Besides, you can never go wrong when you have a trusted name like Coleman attached to your camping gear.


Vango Farnham 500

Vango Farnham 500Camping can sometimes take us to places that are prone to inclement weather. You never want your trip to have to end simply because of the rain or even a small storm, but some tents on the market are only designed to be able to be used in decent weather. Any notion of serious wind or rain and the trip usually has to be postponed, but not if you have the Vango Fanham 500. This 5-person tent is designed to stand up to all types of weather due to its reinforced pole system and extra strong tubular structure.

The Vango Fanham 500 has plenty of space for 5 full grown adults and doors throughout to make entering and exiting the tent quite easy. The mesh screening on the side of the structure allow for light to flow through freely so you never feel as though you are cut off from nature. Even when the weather is at its worst you are not confined to the tent. The porch feature on the front of the Vango Fanham 500 makes it possible for you to stay dry and enjoy the outdoors. You are not going to find a better value than the Vango Fanham 500 it has many reviews and all are positive.


Shandika Montana 6 Family Tent

Shandika Montana 6If living in the outdoors is your idea of true happiness, then the Shandika Montana 6 is the tent for you. It is possible to get a tent from practically any store, but if quality is what you seek and your family is the type that diligently seeks out time for camping trips then you cannot go wrong with the Shandika Montana 6. The Montana 6 is a step down from the wildly popular Montana 8 and even though it is marketed as a smaller tent, you and all of your group will never feel like you are sleeping in a cramped space. The Shadika Montana 6 will take you anywhere and let you enjoy the great outdoors in style.

Camping is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family if you want to get the kids away from the electronics and out into the wilderness, however you will suffer greatly if you do not provide adequate shelter for those you love. Having the right equipment means that you are ready for anything that could happen and one thing that will never be able to be controlled no matter how many camping trips you take is the weather. So the next time you are going to rough it for a bit make sure that you have the right shelter for the job.

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Best Family Tents Reviews
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Choosing the best tent to use for the family camping trip is not always easy with so many options out there. Hopefully these reviews will at least help you make a more informed decision before you buy your family tent.


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