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Active Era Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed

  • Integrated air pump
  • Built-in raised pillow
  • 35 air coils for added support
  • Queen size

This premium queen size air mattress from Active Era is a great choice for couples camping or for people that love plenty of space when sleeping out in the great outdoors. In fact, it’s comfortable enough that it would double as spare bed without any troubles.

An integrated air pump means you won’t need to spend hours attempting to fil the mattress with air, as it takes just three minutes to completely inflate.

It does require a mains power however, so may not be suitable for those camping without a vehicle or out in the wild, although there is a manual air-vale for inflating without the pump, it just may take a fair amount of time.

For added comfort there is an integrated pillow section that offer additional support for the head and neck, while the 35 air coils ensure there is plenty of support for the rest of the body.

While some air mattresses aren’t the most durable, the use of hard-wearing puncture resistant material makes this air mattress very tough, and it’s even got a waterproof flock coating.

Should there be a puncture, there is a puncture repair kit with the mattress, although the chances of damaging it are quite slim thanks to its tough material.

Inflatable Sleeping Mat

  • Very lightweight - weighs just 480g
  • Quick inflation
  • Square air cell construction provides good support
  • Integrated pillow

This inflatable sleeping mat is a must-buy for anyone seeking a compact and lightweight camping mattress for their travels. Sometimes you want to carry as light a pack as possible, such as during long hikes, but still want to enjoy moderate comfort when you settle down for the day.

That’s exactly what to expect from this inflatable sleeping mat - which is essentially a combination of a roll mat and an air mattress.

It offers the perfect balance between comfort and compactness, weighing only 480g but offering ample support when sleeping, making it ideal for anyone that wants to travel with a very lightweight pack.

Better still, the mat is very easy to inflate, so you won’t need to bring an air pump along with you, as the mat takes around 12 breaths to completely inflate.

Despite how compact and lightweight the sleeping mat is, it remains very comfortable to sleep on. The square air cell construction design results in lots of support, while an integrated pillow is also included to keep your head and neck comfortable too.

Sable Queen Size Inflatable Bed

  • Queen size inflatable mattress
  • Built-in 130W air pump
  • Maximum capacity of 300kg
  • Includes repair kit

The Sable Queen Size Inflatable Bed is a must-have option for anyone seeking the upmost comfort during their camping trips. This is a spacious queen size bed with enough support to hold as much as 500kg, making it ideal for couples or individuals wanting to sleep in style.

Given the size of the mattress, it’s only natural to expect a built-in pump, and thankfully there is one included. It’s quite a powerful pump at that, with the 130W motor taking 5-minutes to fully inflate at the highest weigh capacity - you can fill it with less air in even quicker time.

Even though it’s on the larger side, the foldable design makes the mattress a bit easier to transport, although it may be too heavy and bulky for those camping without a vehicle, especially considering the air pump requires a power outlet.

That said, there is a manual air valve, so it’s entirely possible to inflate the mattress using your breath - it may take a while and plenty of effort though! Plus, the weight isn’t too significant if you’re used to camping and carrying a pack, so the added weight may be worth the extra comfort depending on your preferences.

Idefair Inflatable Sleeping Pad

  • Compact and lightweight - weighs just 430g
  • Quick inflation
  • Waterproof material

The Idefair inflatable sleeping bag offers an affordable camping mattress that is easy to use on the go, making it a great choice for those going on longer camping trips with lots of travel involved.

Lightweight packs are a must-have for many campers. It makes less fatiguing, which is why the 430g weight of this sleeping pad is going to be very appealing to a lot of people camping in the wild. When not in use it folds away into a very compact shape that will fit into backpacks without taking any space or weight.

Despite the compact and lightweight design, there is no lack of comfort with the sleeping pad, which is one of the most important features to look for. The ergonomic design means the pad can be left on uneven terrain and still be very comfortable, making it an ideal option for camping on slopes or rocky ground.

The inflation process is also very easy, making the pad even more convenient. For instance, it only takes around 8 to 15 breaths to fully inflate, while the two-layered valve design ensures minimal air loss, and it also deflates in a matter of seconds.

JAY-BE Value Folding Bed

  • Folding mattress
  • Metal frame and spring base
  • Breathable fibre for added comfort

The JAY-BE Value folding bed is a good camping mattress for those seeking a balance between comfort and affordability. This is a great-priced mattress for camping, although the metal frame design makes is mostly suitable for excursions with vehicles, as it’s simply too heavy and cumbersome to travel with on foot.

Those camping in a caravan or driving to a campsite can certainly benefit from such a comfortable and spacious folding bed. The spring base on the metal frame offers fantastic support that is up there with any air mattress - some may eve find it more comfortable.

It folds in half for easier storage, so should be able to fit in most vehicles, while it can also be used at home as a spare bed. The size is quite impressive, being roughly the same size as an average single mattress, and it’s got a good bit of height that should keep campers well above the ground.

That mattress itself is made Aqualast fabric, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you should get plenty of good use out of the folding bed over the years.

ETEKCITY Single Air Mattress Blow

  • Single air mattress
  • 250kg capacity
  • Built-in air pump
  • Puncture and water-resistant material
  • 46cm height

If you’re looking for a quality air mattress that sleeps one, look no further than this single air mattress from ETEKCITY. Made from premium materials that provide durability and comfort, this is a fantastic single mattress for camping or using at home.

With a total capacity of 250kg, the mattress has enough support for most people, with the double layered construction material helping to keep the shape and support whenever in use. The material of the mattress is also resistant to water and punctures, making is surprisingly durable.

For quick and convenient set up there is an electric air-pump built into one end of the mattress. With a suitable power source, the mattress inflates and deflates in around 5 minutes, while a Boston valve means it’s also inflatable using an external air pump.

The mattress also provides plenty of clearance from the ground, being 46cm in height, which is more than enough to keep away the cold or damp from the ground. It’s even got an PVC underside to prevent accidental slipping on even ground.

AeroBed Outdoor Flocked Mattress

  • Single inflatable mattress
  • Built-in electric pump
  • 32 air coils for added support
  • Soft flocked surface

The AeroBed Outdoor Flocked Mattress provides the perfect amount of comfort and support that a camper could ask for. As a single mattress it’s only suitable for one person, but that person can expect a great night’s sleep!

The built-in electric pump provides fast inflation in under 60-seconds, although it does need a mains power to operate. When done using the mattress, the built-in whoosh valve ensures even quicker deflation, making the mattress that bit easier to pack up.

For those camping with the mattress, it folds into a very compact size and fits into a bag included with the purchase, ensuring easier transport for those outdoor adventures.

To ensure the upmost comfort, the mattress features 32 separate air-coils, which offer even support for the entire body. Combined with the soft flocked sleeping surface, this one seriously comfortable air mattress, and it even takes single bed sheets for an even more relaxing experience.

Camping Mattress Buying Guide

When it comes to buying camping equipment, there are fewer items worth investing in than a quality camping mattress. It provides you with the perfect place to sleep when camping, which is often the least enjoyable part!

For example, when using inflatable mattress, camping becomes so much more comfortable compared to using a sleeping bag on the ground, providing you with plenty of support to provide a great night’s sleep.

However, it’s important to buy the best camping mattress, as some aren’t as comfortable as you’d expect, while others often lack the durability to survive the rough and tumble of a camping excursion.

Plus, some people have different needs depending on their own camping experiences, so it’s important to think about what you want from a mattress to ensure you get the best one possible.

For instance, do you camp frequently or it for a one-off occasion? How many people will the mattress be sleeping? How much weight do you want to add you gear? These are just a few things to consider before buying a camping mattress.

What to Look for in a Camping Mattress


The main reason you are buying a camping mattress is for better sleep, so it makes sense to look for one that provides enough support for your body. One issue with an air mattress is that if it lacks enough support, it struggles to distribute your weight evenly, making for a very uncomfortable experience.

After all, the last thing you want is for the mattress to be lumpy or constantly sinking in any time you move, so you should always look for a product that offers ample support. One feature that indicates a camping mattress has good support is lots of air coils.

Air coils are internal chambers that provide additional support throughout the mattress. As a result, these types of mattresses are always more comfortable to lie on for long periods and will retain support for a long time.

The number of coils to look for depends on the size of the mattress. For example, a double mattress naturally requires more coils to accommodate for the additional weight, and it’s worth avoiding a mattress in this size if it doesn’t come with air coils as bigger mattresses always need more support.


An air mattress is inflated with either an air pump or manually using your breath. As you might expect, some mattresses need to include a pump as the amount of air required to inflate it is far too much for a single person.

Single camping mattresses shouldn’t be an issue in this regard however, so if you’re only looking to sleep one person then you won’t need an air pump included. That said, an air pump makes the process much easier and quicker, so may be worth investing in.

It’s worth remembering that most mattress pumps are electronic so need a power source to work. This may not be a problem at campsites with power outlets, while most air pumps operate using car chargers too, so bear in this in mind if camping in the wild with a pump.

Furthermore, once inflated the mattress loses air slowly and eventually deflates, so you need to use the air pump frequently for longer trips, especially when trying to get the right level of firmness.

Not only that, some may even continue to inflate once you’ve used the pump. It tends to occur during warmer temperatures, so bear this in mind - you may want to purchase a mattress with inflate control to avoid over inflation.


An often-overlooked aspect of an air mattress is its overall weight. It’s a heavy piece of gear when deflated, especially with larger size mattresses, so could be quite a struggle to carry in your pack if too heavy.

This is especially true for people going on hiking excursions that cover a lot of ground, as a heavy pack will tire you much quicker. So, be sure to check the weight of the mattress before you buy it, or it could be too heavy to carry and cause more hassle than it’s worth.

Also, keep in mind the overall shape and size of the mattress. Bulky camping gear is never helpful as you’re always limited on what you can fit in your car or backpack, so don’t forget to check the overall size of the mattress and how this could impact you.


The height of a camping mattress is also overlooked, but it’s very important to how it functions, so never forget to check the height before you buy. The reason is quite simple - you want to make sure you have enough clearance from the ground.

For instance, if camping during the winter or in a rainier climate, the higher you are from the cold, wet ground the better. Naturally, a higher height is better for a mattress when camping in places where the weather isn’t great. Higher mattresses are also easier to get up from, so keep this in mind.

Types of Camping Mattresses

There are few choices when it comes to buying a camping mattress, any of which may be ideal for your needs.

Air Mattress

The best all-round camping mattress, an air mattress is inflated with air to provide support and keep you sleeping off the ground, making them the go-to option for most campers. Not only are very comfortable (for the most part), they’re also compact and lightweight, making them a good choice for travel.

Better still, an air mattress can be used beyond camping. Many people use them as a spare bed for any guests visiting, so you could certainly get more use from an air mattress than simply camping with it.

They aren’t without their setbacks however. For example, loss of inflation can be a big issue, especially for cheaper products, while jagged rocks could easily puncture the surface. Blowing them up is an issue too unless you have an air pump - or a great set of lungs!

Thankfully, many come with built-in air pumps, making them very easy to inflate and deflate.

Camping Stretcher

Another popular type of camping mattress, although it’s probably more like a camping bed than anything. Stretchers feature a metal frame with a mat made from strong fabrics like polyester, so are not the most comfortable of mattresses for camping.

The lack of foam makes far less comfortable than an inflatable mattress, but they are much cheaper and more durable, so it depends on your preferences and budget. They do offer great support however, and their height keeps you well off the ground, making them especially beneficial in wet and muddy terrains.

Foam Mattress

These camping mattresses are made from foam so offer plenty of comfort, but their size and bulkiness make them quite restrictive. For instance, they are a great choice of mattress for a camper or caravan but are likely too much of hassle for camping in a tent.

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