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A three-man tent is a great option for camping. Whether you’re going camping alone and want lots of space to enjoy or are camping with a friend or partner, a three-man tent offers a nice amount of space without being to cumbersome to carry.

While capable of sleeping three people, it’s best to avoid using the maximum capacity as it often feels quite cramped. Yes, a three-man tent does have space for three people to sleep, it doesn’t take into account supplies and space for recreation. That said, a three-man tent is a suitable choice for two adults and one child, offering a nice amount of space without feeling to crammed.

The design of the tent is also important. For instance, a three-man dome tent usually offers a good amount of headroom, making it a suitable option for standing inside, while a tunnel tent provides more length and space but lacks the same height as a dome tent.

Some three-man tents are easier to set up than others, which may be useful depending on your camping experience. For example, a pop-up tent removes all the hassle of setting up the tent but are often lacking in space and durability. A tent that needs manually set-up does take longer but is usually more robust than other types.

Before you buy a three-tent it’s important to think about how its resistance to water. The UK weather means rain is never far off, so you should always look for a tent that can handle this.

Waterproof ratings are usually given in HH (hydrostatic head), with a minimum HH for water-proof rating being 1000. However, this is a basic level of protection, so going for a HH rating between 3,000-5,000 is always recommended.

A sewn-in groundsheet is also a must for any British campers, as this helps keep out moisture from the ground, which is very common and will soak your tent if there is no sewn-in ground sheet.

Also, think about how often you plan on using the tent. If you’re only going camping a few times a year, then a more basic three-man tent is a better option. Should you find yourself going camping more often, then consider upgrading as you know its going to get more use. 

If you’re looking to buy a quality three-man then the heck out some of products below!

Coleman 3+ Coastline Tent

The 3+ Coastline is a reliable three-man tent from Coleman. Sturdy and reliable, the three-man tent has a tunnel design that offers a good level of space for three people, although two people will find there is even more space.

Three people can certainly use the tent however, as the front porch section offers lots of storage space, which is usually the biggest challenge of using a three-man tent to maximum capacity. The porch has a sew-in polyester ground sheet like the main room of the tent, so it’ll stay nice and dry even when it’s raining and the ground is wet.

The flysheet is also made from polyester with a great thread count (185T). As with all Coleman tents, it’s coated with a unique WeatherTec+ system that repels water and prevents leaks on both flysheet and groundsheet seams.

Not only does the polyester provide protection from the elements, it’s designed to be completely breathable. This optimises airflow inside the tent to avoid it getting to hot and sticky on warm days, while providing a welcome fresh air that removes unpleasant odours.

An inner lightweight mesh is also found inside the bedroom of the three-man tent. This keeps out bugs and further improves airflow, not to mention keeping out any condensation that may develop on the inside of the flysheet.

Fibreglass poles are provided with the tent, which is probably the strongest material for tent poles. These offer the right balance of lightweight but durable, capable of withstanding high winds without adding unnecessary weight to the tent when carrying.

The tent features two doors on either side of the porch, which can be opened and closed depending on the weather conditions. This area has a decent amount of headroom too, with the highest portion of the porch and bedroom reaching 140cm.

Vango Tempest 300

The Vango Tempest 300 is a high-quality three-man tent that provides exceptional protection from wet weather. Given how common rain is for UK campers, this is a welcome feature and one that makes the Tempest 300 a worthwhile investment for avid campers.

Space may be on the tight side when using the tent at maximum capacity. Although designed for three people, you may find it’s a little crammed with three people sleeping, as the porch area doesn’t provide too much space for storage. It also doesn’t have a sewin-ground sheet in this area, meaning anything left there may get wet or muddy.

The tent’s flysheet has an impressive hydrostatic head rating at 5,000mm, making it more than capable of dealing with the adverse British weather. This is further improved by the 70 denier Protext fabric the tent is made from, with all seams fully sealed for added water resistance.

Expect this tent to withstand everything the weather can throw at it. The flysheet isn’t the only thing keeping you dry of course, with the 6000mm polyester groundsheet also working to keep out moisture from wet and damp grounds. There is even an external storm skirt for those wild conditions that often appear unexpectedly - you’ll be safe and dry in this tent regardless!

It’s not just the rain British campers need to worry about either though - high winds are just as damaging to a tent. The Tempest 300 uses Vango’s patented Tension Band System (TBS) that is designed to handle stronger winds by bracing the structure and creating a more rigid tent. When combined with the durable PowerLite 7001-T6 Alloy poles, even high-speed winds won’t cause any problems for the tent.

Airflow in the tent is also optimised using Vango’s Ventri Vent System. The design allows airflow to pass through specially located vents at the side of the tent, which then passed into the inner section to provide fresh air and prevent condensation developing.

Qeedo Quick Pine 3 Seconds Tent 3 Man Camping Tent

If you are looking for a three-man tent that is quick and easy to set-up then look no further than the Qeedo Quick Pine 3. Available for a very reasonable price, the three-man tent offers quick set-up and impressive protection against the rain and wind.

While times may vary, you can have the Qeedo Quick Pine 3 set up in around 30 seconds. This is due to the quick-up-system that removes all the time and hassle needed to set-up most other tents. Simply remove the tent from packaging, loosen the locking strap, and unfold the fibreglass poles.

Once this is done, you basically push the tent up from bottom to top, causing it to spread out much like an umbrella. The tent is good to go from here, only needing a few pegs to secure it into position. It really couldn’t be easier to set-up, which is a big selling point for anyone familiar with the time and effort needed to set up a tent!  

Despite being on the cheaper side the tent doesn’t sacrifice durability or performance. For example, the tent fabric is water resistant and the seams are all sealed. It carries a 2000mm hydrostatic head rating, which is suitable for moderate rainfall and should keep you dry throughout most of the camping year, although bouts of excessive rainfall may cause some leakages.

The tent also features a sewn-in ground sheet that helps keep wet and damp from the ground out while retaining heat inside. As a three man tent it’s quite spacious thanks to the dome design, offering a nice amount of headroom and length. 

Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent

The Coleman Darwin 3+ is a small but versatile three-man tent. Easy to set up, the tent is very resistance to wet and windy weather, capable of withstanding those rainy UK days.

Although a three-man tent by design you may prefer to keep maximum capacity to just two people. Yes, there is enough room in the sleeping pod for three people to sleep comfortably, there isn’t much space for anything else, including storing your things.

That said, it’s a fine choice for two adults and a child, and three people can certainly sleep in without feeling too uncomfortable. The porch area does help in this regard, giving more space to store supplies, shoes, etc.

A big selling point of the Coleman Darwin 3+ is how easy it is to set up. Simply pull the outer tent over the inner tent section and then connect the flexible tent poles. The compact size means it simple enough to put up, taking around five to ten minutes at the most.

To ensure the wet weather doesn’t ruin the camping trip, the tent has several design features that help keep you dry. This includes a sewn-in groundsheet that keeps the warmth inside the tent and the cold and wet outside, along with the durable polyester material and tapered seams.

The tent section also helps keep out condensation and bugs. It’s made from polyester and features zips with double runners to prevent any moisture making its way inside. You’ll be nice and dry inside the tent no matter how wet and wild things are outside!

Of course, we don’t always face rain here in the UK, with the warm weather occasionally appearing throughout the year. The Coleman Darwin 3+ has you covered, with the outer material treated with UV protection that ensures the tent doesn’t get damaged by the sun. There are also closable ventilation openings should you need to keep cool!

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