Berghaus Air 4 Tent Review

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If you’re in the market for a new tent, you’re in the right place because we’re looking at one of the most well-known products and brands today. On websites like Amazon, the Berghaus Air 4 Tent has fantastic reviews. However, we don’t think these reviews tell us enough…which is why we’re going into more detail today!

  • 6,000mm hydrostatic head

  • Side door rain canopy

  • Inflatable design

  • Front and side doors

  • PVC windows

  • Detachable dividing panel

Before we really dig into the different features, Berghaus say this is a ‘stable and strong’ tent that makes camping easy once again. Thanks to the brilliant features and latest technologies included with the design, even those with less experience camping outdoors will be able to pitch the tent within a short amount of time.

With two rooms inside, Berghaus have gone for the family market here or perhaps couples who want a bedroom separated from the living area. In fact, we’ve also seen reviews from solo campers who enjoyed having the abundance of space. While sleeping in the bedroom, they could leave all their gear and equipment in the living room. Suddenly, they didn't have to sleep with bags under the armpits and more bags under the feet.

Berghaus Inflatable Tent

Berghaus Air 4 Tent pitched

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Firstly, we couldn't do a review of this Berghaus tent without mentioning the 70-denier flysheet (6,000mm hydrostatic head) as well as the rain hood above the door. With these features, weather should never be a problem (this is important for those camping in the UK!).

Secondly, the tent uses TPU air beams which means the installation process should be rather simple. Instead of messing around with plastic poles and worrying about snapping them (we’ve all done it!), the beams can be inflated within seconds. Of course, they can also be deflated easily which means you can start packing the car while the tent deflates.

Inside, the 185T polyester is designed to prevent condensation and the meshed doors keep air flowing through on even the hottest days. Furthermore, the tent uses four corner stake pegs and roundworm pegs (these points can be adjusted for the best hold). Also, the groundsheet is sewn in and should remain secure for many trips.


Should you choose the Berghaus Air 4 Tent? Alongside owners of the tent, we like the following benefits;

When looking to buy a tent, many people look at the pitching process and this is easy with this model. For many, they can get set up within 30 minutes and this is a huge advantage after travelling all day (or even walking all day). Once you get used to pitching and how it all works, there’s no reason why you can’t reduce this down to a few minutes.

Thanks to the quick-release air valves, you only need to touch a button and the beams will deflate.

For those needing a tent for the whole family, this spacious model will be perfect. Although there is a slight slope at the front, the living room is still spacious enough and the PVC windows allow natural light to shine through.

Finally, the dividing panel is detachable and there are a few storage pockets too.


For some, the sloping front may be a problem. However, we believe there’s still enough space in the living room for this not to become too frustrating.

Could having a front and side door create problems in extreme weather? In other models, we would say so, but this Berghaus design has a 6,000mm hydrostatic head and various rainproof elements to keep you dry and warm.


All things considered, Berghaus have produced a fantastic tent whether you travel alone and want more room or want to take your whole family on a trip!

Berghaus Air 4 Tent
  • Review

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