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Choosing the best backpacking tent for trekking across mountain ranges with all of your belongings on your back is an important choice that can make your journey more enjoyable. When it comes to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life to spend time in more remote areas it is important to have a sturdy shelter to keep you from the elements of wind and rain and these tents for backpacking or hiking are perfect for the job.


Coleman Cobra 3 Backpacking Tent

Coleman Cobra 3 Backpacking TentIf you are looking for a tent you can take on a backpacking adventure the Coleman Cobra 3 could be the ideal candidate.  This lightweight tent sleeps three people or offers a more roomy sleep for two, there is just one internal room with a built in groundsheet that is thick and tear resistant.  It features a fly first pitching system which is perfect if the weather has deteriorated when you are trying to set up camp.  All of the seams are taped and PU coated to ensure that no water can get in, making this a really strong weatherproof item.
The aluminium poles are perfect for a tent that stays stable and strong in all weathers but the design means they are lightweight and easy to carry when the tent is packed away. The tent has been designed to pitch with minimum fuss and can be erected in a matter of minutes.

This offering from the well known tent and outdoor products manufacture Coleman, is a wedge shape which does offer a decreasedColeman Backpacking Tent head room, so this is not a tent you can stand up in, but in terms of the all important sleeping experience the wedge offers a convenient design that maximises on internal space.  The wedge technology has also been shown to perform better in high wind conditions which is really important if the weather changes.  The inner tent has been made from a breathable polyester material and offers a good deal of privacy with their ‘No-see-um’ feature.Once packed away into the helpful carry bag this tent weighs just 2.9kg and folds to a tidy 49

x21x20cm making it very portable.  Overall this is a really strong contender for a lightweight but high performing tent that is perfect for backpacking or trips with a constant change of location.


Vango Atlas 200 2 Person Tent

Vango Atlas 200 2 Person TentThe Vango Atlas 200 is a great lightweight 2 person tent that offers a myriad of features. This neat and good looking tent only weighs 3.6kg when packed away and comes with a useful handled carry bag that measures just 56x16cm, making it great for backpacking or cycling holidays.

It is a one room dome style tent that features an inner first pitching design, which could be considered more tricky if it is raining when you pitch camp.  The outer fly sheet is Vango’s patented Protrex 2000 polyester which has been designed to offer a high resistance to the elements no matter what the weather is doing.  The seams are taped and there are mesh vents that also have the really important rain protection flaps. Inside the tent you will find a handy set of pockets that are great for storing smaller items safely and making sure you can find the torch.  There are also hanging points for the torch or a lantern.

The poles are made of fibreglass which is lightweight and flexible, and the guy lines are attached to the fly meaning they cannot get Vango backpacking Tentlost or be wrongly positioned.  The guy lines have been designed to be highly visible to make sure they do not become a trip hazard at night.    The poles are fed into pole sleeves which have also been reinforced to created a long lasting item that will give years of use.

The tent webbing is reflective making it easy to find in the dark.  This tent will comfortably sleep two adults but you will benefit from extra space if you are alone.  The front of the tent features a half covered door which offers a good protection from passing campers and offers a little modesty.   This feature also means you can also pitch the tent to have this end correctly positioned to offer extra protection from the wind.Overall this is a great tent for portability and weather resistance making it perfect for a range of uses.

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GEERTOP 4-season 2-person Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent
GEERTOP 4-season 2-person Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent

The GEERTOP 4-season 2-person Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent an excellent lightweight tent, making it extremely portable and great for trips that require you to carry your home around on your back.
It is considered an all year round tent coming with a four season rating, which makes it more resistant to poor weather conditions than others than do not have the all important winter rating.   It comes with a built in snow skirt which will ensure you are kept completely weatherproof no matter what the elements decide to throw at you.  All seams have been double stitched to create the best waterproof seal possible.
The poles are aluminium based meaning they are also very light but they offer a good level of stability no matter what the wind is doing.

The tent canvas has a UV protection built in which is great for the summer months, offering some sun screen facility.  Setting up GEERTOPe Backpacking Tent the tent is nice and simple, it can be done by one person which is perfect if you are travelling alone, and can be erected in just 10 mins.  The tent features one room and a dome top design, and offers enough space for two people to share, however it does not offer the head room to stand up.  For night safety the windproof ropes are coated with a reflective substance so they can been seen easily in the dark.  Inside the tent is a light hook and some storage pockets which are perfect for stashing a torch or a mobile phone so it is not lost in the night.

Once folded the tent weighs just 5.7lb, and compacts to 6.3x18x6.x inches so if the need arises you can comfortably go backpacking or hiking with this tent.  Overall this is a great example of an all weather dome bacpacking tent.


Coleman Aravis 3

Coleman Aravis Backpacking TentThere are times when you may be backpacking that you need to stop quickly and get out of a sudden storm. The Coleman Aravis 3 allows for the easiest set up you are likely to find in traditional backpacking tents. The angled structure relies on the strength of two primary poles and can be erected in just a matter of a few minutes. The secure tent pegs hold the tent in place where you need it and the elastic straps give you added tension when the winds begin to how.
When you are camping in the wilderness with just what you can carry on your back, there is no extra space to have places to put your muddy equipment, but the Coleman Aravis 3 comes equipped with a porch like structure that allows your muddy equipment to remain outside of the sleeping area all while you stay safe and dry on the inside. The ability to keep dirty equipment separate from your everyday clean items is essential, not for survival, but or your overall comfort and the Coleman Aravis 3 gives you that extra bit of comfort where you need it most.Coleman Aravis 3 Three Person Backpacking Tent
Some backpacking tents are made for simply a shelter for just a few people, but more people are traveling in groups of three for safety reasons. When you try to cram 3 people into an already cramped 2 – person tent no
one is going to be getting very much sleep. The Coleman Avaris 3 gives plenty of space for up to 3 people with room to move around, so no one will be clamoring for extra sleeping space making your excursion much more enjoyable for everyone. The Coleman Avaris 3 is the perfect tent for any backpacking excursion because of its portability and ability to be carried between two travelers in convenient carry packs so not just one person has to carry the additional load.

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Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking Tent

Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking TentThere are some tents that are easily set up by the minimizing of structure poles. This type of structure is perfect for backpacking, but when you really need to set up your tent in a hurry, even the simple structure of the two pole model can be difficult to accomplish, but the Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking tent is easier to set up than any other tent on the market. The convenient hydraulic system allows for the tent to be pulled into form with very little effort on the part of the camper. This makes putting up the tent in wind and rain quick and easy to get you out of the weather.
Some people worry about the strength of tents that are easy to Mountaintop Backpacking Tentassemble. It is thought that if the tent is easily put up then it is easily destroyed by the weather. That is not the case with the Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking tent. As easy as the tent is to assemble you never have to worry about the integrity of the strength of it because of the high quality poles that run throughout the exterior of the tent. The poles are attached with reinforced straps that you never have to worry about coming lose or tearing during use. This tent is easy to put up and strong enough to last throughout any backpacking excursion.
The Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking tent will also not let you down when it comes to space. The space within allows for 3 people to sleep comfortably along with many pockets throughout the tent to help keep track of all of your smaller items. You will not have to concern yourself with lack of space or strength when you trust your shelter needs to the Mountaintop Automatic Pop Up Backpacking Tent because all of the bases are covered. You get everything in one easy to carry tent and all the integrity needed to help you find shelter when you need it most.
Backpacking has become one of the most enjoyable ways to get back to nature and as more and more people make the trek into the wilderness they are going to have to have shelter that can keep up. Both of these backpacking tents are perfect for every journey.

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