Best Waterproof Trousers Reviews – Buying Guide

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

The purchase of some camping equipment seems to be a no brainer. We all know that we need a good sleeping bag to keep us warm at night and a good tend to keep us from some of the elements, but that is not all of the equipment that is needed for a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip. Our clothing is often neglected when we go camping. We bring enough to change clothes throughout the trip, but waterproof clothing is usually not thought of until we find ourselves out in the elements of nature having to stay in the tent to avoid the rain. Then the need for waterproof clothing is very apparent. Jackets and ponchos can shed water from the top of our bodies easily, but out legs are often neglected, therefore packing waterproof trousers is the perfect way to keep us dry no matter what weather conditions arise.

How Do They Shed Water?

Traditional fabrics such as cotton tend to absorb water like a sponge. They are easily soaked in a sudden downpour leaving you completely wet in the process. It takes a considerable amount of time to dry these materials and therefore they are not very useful in an outdoor environment. However, waterproof trousers are made to shed the water because they are made from materials that are tightly wound together and therefore prevent water from penetrating the fabric. The material is also different from standard ponchos and rain coats in that it maintains the same appearance of traditional trousers so no one will ever really know that the trousers you are wearing are in fact waterproof.

Added Leak Guard

When shopping for waterproof trousers the fabric that it is made from is not the only waterproofing you should look for. Where a strait piece of fabric will tend to keep water at bay, the seams in which it is sown together with along with the stitching throughout will sometimes allow water to get through. It can be impossible to make stitching tight enough to keep all water away, so the best waterproof trousers will have features such as flaps over the pockets and even tape covering the seams. This allows for added leak protection without inhibiting the wearer’s movement.


Traditionally, waterproof fabrics are so tightly woven together that they do not allow for sufficient air flow. This can make a long hike on a hot day very difficult to endure even if you are a seasoned hiker. It will not likely be inclement weather during your entire hike and that is why most waterproof trouser manufacturers allow for vent hole throughout the trousers. Vent holes are either small holes in specific parts of the trousers that can be opened up for air flow or zippers that can open up much larger areas within the trousers to alleviate some of the discomfort.

Easy On, Easy Off

If you have ever had to try to get dressed in the rain or take off wet clothing you understand the struggle that can ensue. Furthermore, if you are having to dress out in the rain storm, you usually have to take off your boots as well. A good pair of waterproof trousers are made from a material that is easy to put on as well as take off in all types of weather conditions. You also need not worry about taking off your shoes because they tend to have Velcro straps at the base off the leg to allow heavy boots to slide right through.

The Comfort Factor

If you are going to be walking for a while on a hike you need to have comfortable clothing. Some waterproof clothing can be very uncomfortable and even loud to walk in because of the fabrics they are made from. Waterproof trousers these days are no longer made from such annoying fabrics and therefore have the ability to move much like regular clothing. A good pair of waterproof trousers will allow you to wear them all on their own during the summer and with a light layer for warmth during the winter.

Waterproof Trouser Care

In the past, waterproof clothing has been clothing that does not really require standard washing, but these days with so many waterproof trouser brands turning to more clothing like fabrics, there is a need to wash the trousers. Sweat, oils, and other aspects of being outdoors can get into the fabric and make it lose its ability to shed water, but a gentle wash in mild detergent without fabric conditioner will clear out all of those unwanted attributes and leave your waterproof trousers as good as new. Should your waterproof trousers begin to lose their ability to shed water there are products that can be used to spray on the material to refresh that waterproof exterior. Waterproof trousers will ensure that your outdoor activities are fun without leaving you all wet.